Tuesday, March 14, 2017

An Angel Arrives in the Mail

"God made the horse from the breath of the wind, 
the beauty of the earth, 
and the soul of an angel."

author unknown

Yesterday, I received a package from my veterinarian, Misty Parker, at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital.  Whenever they put a horse down, they take a piece of their tail and have a person make the owners an angel.

What a feeling when I opened it--the hair being so familiar to me.  I held it against my cheek and it was like touching him again.  That's a beautiful gift to give a grieving horsewoman.


  1. It's beautiful and thoughtful. I can imagine how you felt when you held it.

    1. Even our dog, Riagan, who I'm told stood near him that whole day, came over to me and started smelling the angel. She never smells anything I hold unless it's food, and she doesn't even care that much about food, but she just wouldn't stop smelling his hair.

  2. How beautiful! My heart continues to go out to you and yours.

  3. A very thoughtful gift from a very considerate group of vets. I know you'll treasure it Linda.

  4. That's a wonderful gift - and I love the quote too.


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