Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Getting Past a Road Block

For those of you who have stuck with my blog since its inception, you may have thought--hasn't she been here before?

And, the answer is, yes, I have.

I get to the point of sitting on Beautiful Girl's back, but I'm unable to take it to the next step. This video was, I believe, taken in Fall 2011, about five years ago.

Here is Beautiful's first time EVER being ponied.  This year, we're going to take it a step further by ponying her, first, in the arena at Riverside State Park, and then on the trails there.


As I was searching old posts to get these tidbits, I ran across a post about my depression when Cowboy was first diagnosed with Head Shaking Syndrome.  It took all the passion away from working with my horses and may have contributed to my not getting past the road block.  It was also about the same time that I started doing the online radio show that consumed almost every waking moment for three years.

In any case, I did stop, and now I'm here at the same point I left off.  Each day, I go out and get Beautiful in the snow and take her to the arena and mounting trough.  At this point, I've sat on her back--mounting from both sides--and petted her.  She has stood still.

Yesterday, before I went out, I saw her nip at Cowboy and chase him away from the hay.  She was grumpy.  As I was leading her, she spooked and bolted.  So, there was a lot of information to tell me not to push it too far, and I listened.

But I am going to have to get past this point.  Somehow.

My training will be on hold though, for a few days, as my husband and I take a little trip.

Oh, I did give Loki a bath yesterday, too.  I don't know how, but he finds a way to get stinky even in the winter!

And more pictures of the snow--before it melts with the upcoming heat wave.

I was trying to capture the snow gently blowing off this Heritage Birch.

And, the Weeping Birch.


  1. I surely do understand your not wanting to work your mare on days like this. When I was working with Coulee and she'd pull her grumpy stuff, I just stopped working with her. It took Shayla putting her through "boot camp" to get her over her attitude, and she discovered a pretty nice mare under all that 'tude.

    1. Ha! Yes, it takes patience OR a trainer! Beautiful Girl seems different to me. I really feel the need, with her, to do the training myself--with help only from the outside looking in. I think one of my biggest concerns is control of her feet from on top. Today I took a step back and worked on that aspect of it. If I can get her really sensitive to bending around to both sides (which she is) and backing up and whoaing--I may feel a bit easier about being up there.

    2. I finally found the write up on swirls that I was looking for: here is what it says about double swirls: Multiple swirls can indicate multiple personalities. High and tight side by side swirls can mean a horse that is super focused and talented, but challenging and difficult in the wrong hands.2 swirls on top of each other can mean extreme personality swings and unpredictability.

      From my experience with side by side swirl horses, I have to agree, but I have never had one that has stacked swirls.

  2. I think you are making progress. It's good you can see how her mood is on any given day and work with it. If you feel you want to do the training yourself then follow your heart. Have fun on your trip.

  3. I am newer to your blog and don't know the backstory on Beautiful Girl, but I do know what I see & read. There is a wonderful connection between you two. Doing right by the horse and yourself and listening to your instinct will get you past the road block. It's okay to restart and take all the time you need. You got this!!

  4. Listening is half the battle... as you well know. ;-)


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