Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Getting Direction Control & The Horses Fighting at Feeding Time (Video)

After I wrote today's blog post about "Road Blocks," I had an idea that maybe the problem is my lack of confidence in controlling her--should she decide to run off or do something equally, or more, dangerous.  I mean, how much control do I have with a halter and rope?

Rebecca did recommend that I work on passing the rope back and forth over her head, which I did, but that didn't seem enough. Then, I remembered that Andrea, from Mustang Saga, had made me a special halter--one with loops on the cheeks for reins, that would be much better for right/left communication and bending.  I've had it for years, but I've never used it!

I ran out to my trailer to see if I could find it--and Ta-Da!

I worked with her bending left, right, and backing up.  She bends WAY better than Leah or Cowboy.  I also did it from the top of the mounting trough.  I did lay on her back, but I didn't sit on her back.  The new gear was throwing her off just enough to make her a bit antsy.  I figured better safe than sorry.  And, I want every step to be POSITIVE.  Beautiful Girl is the type of horse that if she feels  you're being fair and she understands and can do what you're asking--she will do it.

Here are some videos I took.  1.) Allowing Beautiful to explore her new gear. and 2.) The amazing craziness at feeding time today.  It was actually kind of scary, but you can really see the dynamics of our herd.  Cowgirl protects Red and lets him eat in peace--Penny tries to keep the peace--Cowboy instigates--Leah and Beautiful Girl jostle for position--the goats scramble--the pony goes wherever she can find a safe place.  Cowgirl has a set of kickers on her, that's for sure.  I would  not want to be in the way of those missiles.

Horses Fighting at Feeding time: (Forgive my sniffling.  I have a cold.  But I still got out for my 100 Days of Blessings, gosh-darn-it!  Hope I'm not blessed with pneumonia!)

 And, exploring her new tack, then attacking me!



  1. The herd certainly is athletic at feeding time in the first video! Glad they all calmed down eventually. I never like when they start the kicking stuff.

    Beautiful is very curious and also very cute.

  2. I loved that video of the horses at feeding time. You could really see their personalities. Cowboy is a stinker (like Flash), Beautiful Girl is really beautiful when she moves and arches her neck; the only one I wasn't sure I was identifying right was Penny (the chestnut?) -- figured her out by process of elimination. LOL. You have a gorgeous herd, Linda.

  3. Great video's, your horses are beautiful!! I love watching herd dynamics & your girl is so cute!

  4. I forgot I ever made a halter quite like that. I hope it works well for you!

  5. Thinking on your feet Linda, Good on ya girl!

  6. I love watching the herd dynamics. They are sure all looking good! Very interesting that Cowgirl watched over Red.


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