Saturday, October 22, 2016

Transcendent Horses

Linear doesn't do it for me, I like to look at things backwards, forwards, through the middle, and then find the place of each piece in the puzzle.

The book, Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery — A Book of Exploration and 40 Cards is like that.  I could read it page by page, chapter by chapter, and that would be great, but reading it randomly, out of order, for me, makes it more memorable.

As I've pulled cards for my blogging friends, it's been great for me, too.  All of the insights give me glimpses into the horse/human bond and reminds me why horses are so good at healing broken hearts.  Horses are used every day to help children who are grieving, veterans with severe PTSD, and autistic children.

Horses have healed me, too.  They don't accept you unconditionally, like a dog would, because they are actually quite independent of us.  When they choose to trust us, let us in, partner and even protect us, we've had to earn it, if we're so lucky to ever achieve that.  There are horses that are really well trained--and they do what they're asked pretty readily--but letting you inside their mind and hearts--that is another story altogether.

And, that's where we all want to be.

C-ing Spots Appaloosas, here are your cards.  I can only write a little bit about each one, the book has much more.

You first card, the Central Issue: The Messenger (37): (Creativity, Divine Guidance, Protection)

The gift is the higher source of wisdom that connects you more deeply to your soul's purpose.  The challenge is "you must be willing to ask for help and embody the wisdom and power of the horse."

This horse, "helps you access a divine source of wisdom and inspiration, allowing you to find deeper meaning and purpose in your own earthly journey."

When I read the chapter, I immediately thought about how you were so drawn to Eagle--that one Mustang horse.  You felt you were led to him and that you were meant to be together.  You've questioned yourself and your abilities at this point in your life, and yet, you feel this relationship is vital to you.

Your second card, what may be most obvious, is Illumination 40: (Enlightened Perspective, Wisdom Activated through Experience, and Expanded Awareness)

The gift: "The experience you've gained radiates wisdom, lighting the way for others."

Reading your blog, this seems very true.  You've worked with the greats in the horse world. You've worked for one of the best veterinarians. You've owned many horses and had enlightened journeys with them.  You know how to care give.  You know how to train.  And, lately, you've been writing a lot about how life is lived in the moment and it's so important for us to enjoy each one!

The 3rd card (what's on the horizon) was Depression (17).

This state isn't something to be afraid of because it actually shows us that we need to make some change in our life.  We get depressed when what we're doing doesn't coincide with what we feel is our life's purpose.  Make the right changes and you'll get your energy back.

Your 4th card is Kairos (24)--horse time versus linear time.  Horses live in the moment and they have NO IDEA what a day or year or minute or hour are.  The gift is that "when you're sensitive to time, great strides are made with minimal effort."  The challenge is to wait patiently for an opening and be ready to act.  (This chapter says a lot about timing.)

And last, Intuition--card 5 for you--what's happening at a deeper level of consciousness.  The Gift (30): "Intuition not only connects us to a deeper, more soulful consciousness, it reminds us that the  universe is a latticework of relationships."

This is a very powerful chapter on how horse's help us to be more sensitive to the inter-connectivity of everything.  Being more intuitive opens us up to the infinite around us.  Which reminds me of your last camping trip to Oregon with the horses.  You wrote about how beautiful everything was.  That's what it's talking about.


  1. Interest. Maybe sometime you could do me

  2. Oh Linda, thank you for this! These are so timely and accurate. That one about change had me teary-eyed at the honesty in it. I need to think about that.


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