Monday, March 4, 2013

Cindy Meehl & The Winner Is....

Talking to Cindy Meehl, horsewoman and award-winning director of the documentary, Buck, was like talking to a sister.  She was funny, wise, kind and passionate.

Cindy is a woman who has learned to trust her intuition, a favorite theme of mine this year because of my spring 2012 mishaps.  You've got to know yourself and trust your unique perspective on getting through this crazy life--fighting for what you love and what you believe in.

I think you'll like this interview and her new DVD series--7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.  I watched them and I LOVED them.  There is so much down-to-earth horse advice packed in and I saw so many little things I was doing that I could be doing better--for the good of my horses--from haltering to riding.

Also, the winner of my Templeton Thompson music giveaway....drum roll....Grey Horse Matters!  Congratulations!  Woot Woot!  One of my favorite bloggers, too, and one I recommend.  It is a blog that addresses the "aging rider with sympathy, support, and humor."  

My fabulous interview with Cindy Meehl! She talks about her next project (**hint, hint--it has to do with our animals) working with Buck, the inspiration behind making the documentary and working with the cowboys and crew of Unbranded as they get ready for the cross-country Mustang ride!

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**Music by Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay from the 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.


  1. Thanks Linda! I can't believe I won. I can't wait to get this wonderful prize. She's a very talented lady.

  2. Hi Linda,

    I've just listened to the songs and they're wonderful. I have a few favorites already. Even managed to get them into my iTunes folder and the next step will be to transfer them to the ipod. I'll have to look into the 7 Clinics with Buck DVD's and see how the music interplays with the action.

    Listened to your blog talk radio interview with Cindy Meehle. I'm glad that you have the technology to actually put it on your blog since I can't get the Real Sisters Talk where I am. Great interview! Thanks again for the songs!

  3. I don't know if my previous comment went through or not. I was listening to the radio show for so long that Google logged me out. I'll try to remember what I said...

    I've been trying to train myself to listen music or the radio while writing and your blog post reminded me that I need to get caught up on your radio shows. I listened to the interviews with Cindy Meehle and Robert Hass this morning. I have the movie Buck and need to watch it again. I loved it. I like Cindy's attitude of "how hard can it be?" Congrats to Grey Horse Matters.

  4. That's very cool, Nuz Muz. I should interview you one morning! Love your writing and poetry.

  5. I book marked this and I am so going to listen after Easter weekend!!! I love Buck and I'm sure I will love this interview! Thank you.


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