Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet Nelson



Plus this...


Plus this...


Bought me this.


Goodbye, That....

Hello this.



 And this.


And meet Nelson.  He was my practice subject for the day.


Nelson likes to sit and stare you down.

(You blinked.)

And go mousing with his big, fat orange, brother-from-another-mother.




"Help me, pleez."


"Scuse me, you're in my bubble."

So wonderful to have the same shoe size as my daughter who had a Canon Rebel she wasn't using--and needed a little cash and wanted my Dansko boots and Ugg slippers. I have a big ol' learning curve, and I'm missing the simiplicity of my old Lumix (which I loved!), but I believe good things are ahead. 
Until then, I'm spending time on YouTube tutorials and photographing the cats.... be continued.


  1. Beautiful pictures with the new camera! And Nelson is a cutie and very photogenic!!

  2. Great camera. I was following everything except the part about the slippers and boots until you explained it in the end. A little mystery is always good.

  3. Good trade! Love the pictures and Nelson is adorable. Like your puppy too! I have the same camera and really like it. Haven't figured it all out yet but it's very easy to use and takes great pictures. Maybe if I ever read the directions I'd be better at picture taking. Good luck and have fun.

  4. Nelson is adorable!!!!! Congrats on the fun new camera. That's the same kind I have too.

  5. Nelson is absolutely adorable!

    I didn't realize Cowboy had such cute little tiny ears.

    Congrats on the camera, you're going to have so much fun with it.

  6. Wow!!!! great pics, you will have fun with that camera!

  7. You will love your camera - its just like mine. You can take wonderful pictures. Love Nelson.

  8. You are gonna love your Cannon T2i (and have a lot to learn on it still) I also have fun with my iPhone camera. ha go figure. Looks like your creativity is already sparked!

  9. YouTube tutorials, wow, I didn't think about that. Maybe I can figure out my camera that way. Thanks for the tip and have fun with your camera.

  10. How exciting! YouTube and camera sites are indeed very helpful and asking questions on forums :) My mum loves photography and learnt her new Nikon that way - the result is some lovely, high quality photos!

    Love the look of Nelson - so cute! And some great photos :D


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