Monday, March 5, 2012

Fateful Inspiration

Driving around Gig Harbor the other day, I was passed by this truck with this horse sculpture in it.  

Wow!!!  Follow that truck!

Unfortunately, it made a turn and left me in the dust.  I thought I'd never see it again or find out who carved it.  

However, fate had different plans for me.  The next day I was driving down Hwy 16 at about 55 mph, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big wooden horse.

I got a second chance!

I drove for another couple of miles, exited, drove around some more, got back on the hwy, went another four or five miles, exited, got back on the highway again and drove to where I'd seen the horse.  I got my camera out (unfortunately, my good camera was at home) and took these pictures.

The sculpture was more life-like and breathtaking than these shots portray, but I do hope they give you some sense of what I felt when I saw it.

Here's a link to an older youtube video of them doing their thing--chainsaw wood art.  JMS of Gig Harbor, WA.

I also got to visit the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.

Dale Chihuly is the inspiration behind it, and his Bridge of Glass was truly amazing to see.

This is the Federal Court House across from the Museum of Glass where more of Chilhuly's work is displayed.

My favorite artist, however, was Paul J Stankard, the Chihuly of glass paperweights.  I wrote a post about my experience of his work on my Emily Dickinson's Garden Blog.  Click here to read it.


  1. Wow that horse is amazing!! Probably a special order!
    The glass museum sound interesting.

  2. That horse statue is pretty interesting. Did you get the story on it? Was there someone around to ask where it would be used? I'm so curious!

  3. Redunappy--I took a shot of their business name and friend them on facebook. I'm interested in knowing the story behind that piece. I love it.

    Joanne--I'm still trying to get the story on it. No one was around when I took the pictures, but I did look for them. I'll find out more and update later with it. I just added a link to a youtube video of these guys. They're awesome! I friended them on facebook, too.

  4. Wonderful sculpture.
    The links in your post are hard to read, the blue against the dark background. Any chance you could lighten the color so old gals like me don't have to squint?
    Hope you are getting the sunshine that we have in our forecast. C'mon spring!

  5. Yes, we are getting the sunshine! I'm going to be walking the fence lines this morning and, hopefully, letting the horses out on the main pasture to graze a little bit. They're all feeling good and basking in the sunshine. Thanks for the heads up about the links. I changed them.

  6. Beautiful sculpture of the horse. I'd love to have something like that at the farm. We once boarded at a place that bought a bronze sculptured horse for their front garden. As I was walking towards it down the driveway after it arrived my horse got so scared he spooked backwards and almost sat himself down in the driveway. So maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea for the farm. But it's amazing the detail in it.

  7. That is a cool horse!! I'd love to have it!! I'd be in total awe to if I drove by that!

  8. The wooden horse was fascinating! Such detail. I'm sure it was much more amazing in person, but your pictures were great.

    Love seeing the glass work too!


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