Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Road Trip Along the Puget Sound

I haven't forgotten my TTouch posts, I've just been side-tracked touring the Puget Sound.  I will write this week about what I learned: the type of halter you should use (I'd been doing it wrong), the type of circles and release and rhythm you should use (I'd been doing it wrong, IBDIW), the ear work (IBDIW), the inner mouth work and the tail work.  Also, it's important you do the groundwork along with the touch work, but we didn't get to that in the lesson.  More later.

For today, I just wanted to share the pictures we took on our trip up the Puget Sound this week.  My husband and I jumped in our rental car and drove wherever our hearts desired.  We ate, we shopped, we explored, we had a blast.  The day ended with a trip across the sound by ferry, the stunning nighttime approach to downtown Seattle.

I'll start out with my ceramic projects.  My mug was fired, but I did see where I'd not painted enough on or missed spots.

That helped me to hone my skills for the appetizer platter.  It looks small in this picture, but is actually quite large.  It'll fire the deep Tuscan Red of my mug's handle.I took extra care to make sure there was no white showing.  Can't wait to get it!  My husband and I stopped there for coffee the morning we left for adventures so that I could put one extra coat on the middle, just to be safe.

We started our trip in Gig Harbor, since he hadn't really seen it yet, drove up toward Bremerton, then to Bainbridge Island for lunch, up to Kingston, Port Gamble, and finally, Port Townsend.

From Kingston.  It was a cold, rainy day, but when you're on an adventure, you don't really care much about that!

The pseudo-town of Port Gamble.

Port Townsend, and the floating bridge on the way to Port Townsend.

 The Courthouse of Jefferson County.  Port Townsend is the only incorporated city in it.

The ferry arriving.  We didn't take it, but drove back down to Bainbridge Island instead so that we would be dropped off in downtown Seattle.

I had to include this picture we took.  It's my new burgundy velveteen cap from the Mad Hatter in downtown Port Townsend!  I love my hats!  I actually got two that day: the one on my head in the picture, and a hand-knit wool cap I wore the rest of the day.

And off to Seattle!  The rest of the pictures are taken from the ferry ride.


  1. What a great trip; beautiful pictures. I've been to Seattle just once, but didn't get to do as much touring, and didn't get a ferry ride.

    Nice hate; you wear it well. I like hats too.

    Your ceramic pieces are beautiful. I like the horse design.

  2. I've never really left the east coast, so I love seeing these photographs from your neck of the woods. And I have to tell you, the homes and downtown area remind me so much of New England! If you didn't tell me they were Washington, I'd have guessed they were somewhere from around where I live.

    And cute cap, very stylin' :)

  3. P.S. And I love the ceramic mug, especially that color. It's so comforting looking, just fill it with fresh java please.

  4. Great photos! Have you ever been whale watching before? Last September we flew into Seattle and stayed in Anacortes, WA (about 30-45 mins out of Seattle) and it was so beautiful there. The hotel was right by the ferry and we took the ferry to San Juan Island and went whale watching. We saw a ton of Orcas and a humpback whale. The boat we went on was a smaller one (around 8 people can go on it) so the experience was more awesome and personal vs if we would have gone on a bigger boat/cruise. If you're still in the area or would be interested I can give you his contact info. Captain Jim is so personable and made sure everyone had a good time. We're planning another trip so I can take my Dad whale watching too :)

    Ps- Love that hat! What a pretty color.

  5. Wow, great pictures. Looks like a wonderful adventure. Love all the old buildings, they have so much character.

    Adorable cap, you look great in hats. Wish I did. Think you did a beautiful job on your ceramic projects. Very talented.


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