Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Buds

We didn't get 12"-24" yet, but we did finally get snow.  Our trip to Gig Harbor was canceled due to ice at Seatac.  They had a horrible ice storm over there--falling trees, power lines, the Tacoma Narrows bridge shut down, power outages...if our plane had made it over, we would have been stuck there, so it was a blessing we did not take off that morning.

It gave us time here with our horses--a SNOW DAY, or, actually, a SNOW WEEKEND.

I love these birds flying over Cowgirl's head.

And our wild pony.  We let her run free, but I'm probably going to lock her up since she was out eating my honeysuckle this morning.  She's scavenging under the snow for whatever is green and coming up with my perrenials. 

I was surprised at how green this rose is and how many small buds were on the poplar.  I think our mild winter was causing everything to burst forth early....or, just maybe, they know something we don't...

Perhaps, an early spring? 

****Some of your blogs are not allowing me to post comments.  Not sure why.  I'll keep looking into it from my end and post comments when it's fixed.   Sometimes there are just little bugs in the system.


  1. Love all the pictures. They look so beautiful with a snowy background. We had snow this weekend too but no green buds yet. Guess you're going to get an earlier spring this year.

  2. Glad you didn't get stuck in Seattle. My mom has been stuck there since Wednesday.

    Don't you love how clean the horses are in the snow? Great pictures of them, and I love that last picture of the trees.

  3. Your horses look so pretty in the snow. We finally got a little here too, our first of the winter which is unusual.

  4. It must've snowed coast-to-coast this weekend. We got about 4 inches here Saturday. But today? Into the high 40s with rain to wash it all away :/

  5. Our ponies say we are a loooong way from spring! Love the pics and glad you are enjoying the time.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  6. Beautiful photos! My horses have all but shedded all the winter fuzz! All the mares in the barn are coming into season and creating havoc! LOL I asked my barnmates the same question about them knowing something we dont know!


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