Monday, January 9, 2012

Dreams for Yourself

Are you throwin' your dreams away?
Storm is comin', get out of the way.
We'll drink blavod, in a kitchen by the fire,
Waiting on our heart-kept desires.

And I would walk deep into the darkest woods
You can find me, I'm dreamin' here.

                        Paradise Mountain, Jenn Grant

Last week was the start of what will be a lot of travel to the other side of the state.  It was kind of a test-run for us, and a little hard for me to get used to leaving the home I love.  The fact is, I could easily be a hermit and stay right here forever.

We're staying in Gig Harbor, WA--a beautiful town along the Puget Sound or, what the Native Americans call, Whulj, meaning "salt water".  The Puget Sound is many cities, large and small, along a system of interconnected waterways and basins: Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton, and Olympia, being some of the largest of those.

Oddly enough, I am very connected to this area.  I was born in Tacoma, though I moved away by the time I was two.  In my elementary biographies I always spelled it "D-acoma."  My grandfather was stationed there when he was in the Navy.  My great-aunt lived almost her whole adult life there.  And, my great uncle was incarcerated in the federal prison at McNeil Island in 1938.  He was arrested in Arizona for running moonshine and released one year later in December of 1939 when it was legalized.  Many people who were arrested for federal crimes on the west coast ended up at McNeil Island.  It's closed now, but I'd love to take a ferry over for the day and tour it.

We're staying at a B&B in Gig Harbor that is nestled in the woods a short walk through the forest to the water.

**Here's where I walked....

and this is where the path ended.

We're there part of one day and leave the evening of the next and I spend a good portion of the days alone. Alone time does give you opportunity to reflect.  I think most of the first day I reflected on how much I wished I was home, but by the second day I had accepted it as a new adventure and started to explore. 

There's something to be said for quiet time...alone. 

What are your dreams for yourself? 

     You mean dreams for my kids?

No, for yourself.

     You mean dreams for my horses?

No, for yourself.

**Vacations get you thinking about things like "dreams".  What are yours?


  1. It looks like a beautiful spot. I wouldn't mind being alone there and walking in the woods that end by the water. I could think of lots of dreams for not only myself but everyone else too. One day you should take the ferry ride over to the prison just for fun.

  2. I could be a hermit too. But a beautiful walk will always entice me out of my home. Love that destination at the water at the end of your walk. There's something special about being idle near water like that. I hope you come to enjoy your weekly trips, and find something in them uniquely Linda.

  3. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in that area maybe you could connect with Tracey from Mustang Diaries blog, I think she lives fairly close.
    Dreams for yourself are harder to figure out than dreams for your children or horses. Solitude is a perfect time for introspection.

  4. GHM--you must be a dreamer! That's pretty awesome. I will take a ride over on the ferry during one of these there's one dream.

  5. Joanne--thanks, I hope so, too. I do think I'll find many treasures on these trips.

  6. Shirley, that's a good idea. I'm not sure where she is exactly, but I'll find out. Looks like you're fulfilling a dream for yourself with your art studio. Happy dreaming!

  7. By the way, here are some of my long time dreams:

    1. Put a gravestone on my great-grandmother's grave in Bisbee.

    2. Return to Maine and breathe the air again. (Which means I'll have to return alive.)

    3. Put together all of my songs written for piano.

    4. Paint all of my horses, frame them, and hang them in my family room.

    5. Visit Ireland.

  8. Love Gig Harbor. Grew up in Tacoma area. I miss the smell of salt water. When we go visit family in Everett I always have to go get my smell. Tracey lives up north outside of Bellingham. Do take the ferry ride. Its all fun. Sometimes when we have time, we take the ferry to Bremerton and drive up to Port Townsend and take the ferry back to Whidby Island and back to Everett. I love home but sometimes I just get missing it. We love to go camping at Ft. Wordon up out of Port Townsand. Its right on the water and I love to lay in bed and listen to the waves. Oh, I am missing it talking about it and looking at your pictures.

  9. Wow, Lea, I didn't know you were from there. You have some wonderful memories! It's absolutely beautiful, that's for sure. I will take the ferry...hopefully, to a few different places.


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