Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: Forming Habits & Incorporating TTouch



I think it helps to concentrate on developing habits, rather than only seeing the end result of your goals.  At some level you have to decide, this is what is best no matter what the outcome, and dedicate yourself to changing your lifestyle.

I'm dedicating January to the development of these habits (a habit being something I want to continue doing past 2012 and despite and beyond any "end results".):

Desired Habits:

1.       Have Cowboy diagnosed by a Chiropractor and begin his physical therapy.  Exercise and massage him lightly five days a week (T Touch) with an emphasis on relaxation.  (I got two rides on him last weekend and he felt very tense and bothered.  I'm thinking that his negative experiences last summer have made him more anxious, so my goal will to be work with him slowly and spend a lot of time during the tacking and grooming process just helping him relax through T Touch.)
2.       Continue Beautiful and Cia under saddle and get Beautiful comfortable tying.  Also, use the T Touch method with them each day to help them relax before "training".  I need to go to TTouch workshops and watch online videos to understand the process better, especially the groundwork.)
3.       Exercise Red and Shadow regularly since they're getting old.  Use the TTouch daily with them as well. 

I want to get fit and learn to relax and balance in the saddle so I'm not an obstacle for my horses to overcome, but rather a partner in making them stronger.

1.)    1 mile every day on the treadmill or outside when the weather's nice.  (Use arm weights on the treadmill because I've been losing arm strength the last couple of years.  Age, I guess.)
2.)    Stretches to relaxing music (I'll have to compile a special CD)  not rushed, not brainless, but thoughtful, drawn out stretching.  I want to take my time with myself AND with my horses.  It seems like, looking back, I've always been in a hurry. 
3.)  Learn to eat smaller portions more slowly.   
4.)    Avoid sugar—(I seem to have developed an intolerance except to dark chocolate.)
5.)    Take advantage of getting out during EVERY sunny day.  (Postpone all inside projects to the rainy, windy ones)
6.)    Continue water color. (More pictures of my horses!)
7.)  Submit my finished essays and start new ones.   
8.)    Be very clear and bold about expressing my love and appreciation of the people in my life, and care less about my own feelings and more about theirs.
9.)  Play more games with my kids in the evening.  (Sounds unusual, but my kids really do LOVE to play games and we don't do it enough.)

Some of these habits are going to be tough to form because my husband and I have to travel to Gig Harbor, WA for his work every week for the next four months, starting this Thursday.  That will only give me five days to work with the horses, which means I have to work with them EVERY day I'm home.  I'm going to set the goal at five days anyway because I think that's a minimum for what they need.   I've always been a fan of TTouch, but have never incorporated it into my daily routine with all my horses.  I'm starting to think it's very important with all of them and I may accomplish more with the TTouch than I do "working" them. 

2012 will be, "The Year of the TTOUCH," at our place, a year to slow down, relax, and abandon all "end goals" and rather, live in the moment together doing what we know is right.


  1. For those of you who follow my blog, even occasionally, saying that I want to work with my horses every day is a big change from my old philosophy of leaving them alone. The reason for the change is because of their physical needs more than their mental. Mentally, they're happy with their herd, but phsically, they're getting old and "breaking down". I think the TTouch will be enjoyable for them and me both.

  2. Linda, I've been looking into TTouch as well. I think my more spirited guy, as well as his bossy "brother",will benefit.

    Many of your habits are also things I'm working on. I'm giving myself the first three months of this new year to work on them. I did tell myself they're goals, but I like your way of looking at them as good habits to build. One of my concerns has been my loss of body strength which has frustrated me. I always considered myself a physically strong woman, until the past 2 years.Much of why I've avoided working with my two horses this year, which is sad and I feel I've let them down as well as myself.

    So, cheers to the New Year and developing good habits! Best wishes to you and your family!

  3. Leslie--Good luck with your goals this year and in making them life-long habits. ;) We can compare notes on TTouch. I have the book Getting in TTouch, but I think this new one is more comprehensive about the steps. That's why I also ordered the video. There's a woman in Spokane who is certified, too, I believe. Hoping I can meet her.

  4. Your goals to slow down, relax and abandon all end goals sound a little like my family's philosophy. We adopted it a few years ago and have found it beneficial to our lives. Quite simply, our effort in life is to "Keep it easy." It's so worth it to keep things as uncomplicated as we can. Best wishes on your goals!

  5. That's good for all us to remember, Joanne, slowing down and taking time to do what we love. It's the simple things in life that usually bring us the most pleasure.

  6. Sounds like I could almost make a copy of you list and apply it to myself! I will be interested in following your experience with TTouch.

  7. Your goals sound really promising, although I personally could not give up sugar ;)

    I'd like to work more horse massage into my routine too, especially now that I'm trimming more horses- it might be a way to get my client horses more relaxed and trusting. I have a TTouch book, Peggy Cummings book (which helped a lot with Gwen) and Masterson's massage book.

  8. Those all look attainable. Hope you get Cowboy all sorted out. Did you know that Linda Tellington Jones sister, Robin Hood (yes that really is her name) live at Vernon B.C.? Here's her website http://www.ttouch.ca/

  9. Margaret, after you said my list could be your list, I checked out your blogs and found out we are very much alike--watercolor, horses, poetry. Hmmmm...you seem to be my long-lost twin.

  10. Smaz--YES! I think massage is especially good for horses getting trimmed. I've always done the circular patterns on my horse's heads while they get trimmed and they just LOVE it. It may be one of the reasons my farrier so likes to do their work.

  11. Shirley--have you ever met her? I'll check out her website. That's pretty cool.

  12. Linda... do you ever post your art work? And you should try some of the poetry challenges... Magpie Tales and Poetry Jam are fun... warning though, you will get addicted! :)

  13. Linda - The place I got my ring is Jewely Designs By S & R, Phone 508-240-3608, www.jewelrybysr.com. Love mine so much.

  14. Linda - I got my ring from Jewelry Designs By S & R, Phone 508 240-3608, www.jewelrybyst.com. I love mine so much

  15. Thanks, Lea. I looked them up and LOVE the rings!! It will have to be a Christmas present from my husband next year. ;)

    Margaret, I do sometimes post my watercolor attempts. I haven't had any lately. I hope to soon though. Maybe I'll take my kit with me tomorrow since I'll have some time to kill. I'll check out the website!

  16. Your goals all sound doable. But as with anything that's worthwhile it takes determination and organization to really get into a routine. I've got to do the same thing. Just make the time for what's important to me, my family and my horses. Glad to hear you can still find time for some chocolate!


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