Friday, November 18, 2011

Let it Snow!

The horses LOVE the snow.  They are at their healthiest and happiest when it's 32 and snowing.  However, this morning they seemed a little too happy....and not all that hungry when I went out to feed.

Turns out, they pulled alfalfa bales down from our breezeway pile last night and had a feast.  They even wasted a bunch!

But that did not stop them from asking for more.

The goats going out for their morning walk.  We let them have the entire roam of the property all summer and they did great.

The sunroom project is coming to a close.  Today we'll move the furniture in after a few last minute touches.  In a month or so, we hope to install a wood stove.  So far, we LOVE it.

Happy Snow Day, Everyone!


  1. The sunroom looks fantastic! Yeah, our horses tend to think that kind of weather was just for their play benefit ... and I love to watch them in it. We are expecting some more white stuff tomorrow; would love to have it WITHOUT wind. Don't you just love how inventive horses can get when there is food - just within reach?

  2. Snow day indeed, but we got the northeast wind with it. Not too cold though. Love your sun room!

  3. What a beautiful room. I think you'd mentioned in a previous post about ordering old windows. Are those what I'm seeing in some of the windows, with the pretty star detail higher up on the glass? What great character they lend to the space. Enjoy that perfect place to sit and watch the snow fall ...

  4. Oh no, wasting alfalfa! Bad horses:) Your sunroom looks divine. I could get some painting done in a room like that.

  5. I've been reading all your posts to get caught up - I haven't been on blogger for awhile. So good to see your posts! haha - so your horses served themselves a buffet, eh?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your sunroom!!!!!

  6. Joanne--yes, those are the windows I found on eBay. They're a little rough and I've gone back and forth about repainting them, but with the furniture in there now, they seem to blend in better. To me, it seems like they make it feel more rustic and less formal--more like an old porch than a brand new one.

  7. We haven't seen snow, yet, but our local forecaster is saying we may get an interesting winter her in S. Ohio, N. KY & WV. I really don't mind the snow much,but the past few years we've had ice storms which aren't much fun. But, like I always say to myself, over and over, nothing I can do about the weather weather it! Great pics!

  8. ... sounds like the horses had "Thanksgiving" a bit early. ha. And I must confess... I am jealous of your sunroom... what a beautiful view!


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