Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Grazing

The herd grazing on a beautiful fall day in November.

Cowboy enjoying the fall grass.

Beautiful, looking blissfully happy.

Red, his wife, Cowgirl, and their baby, Beautiful Girl

Jasmine, the pony, with her goat fan club.


  1. You know, Linda, I think I've said this before. But I so see a children's book of some sort with all these beautiful animal characters ... Would you ever try your hand at it?

  2. Looks the same as here; grass still green, low autumn light, and happy horses. That's pretty cute with the goats buddying up to the pony.

  3. Joanne--I took you seriously when you said that before and I tried to think of how it would work with the pictures. Living on a mini-ranch, children's books write themselves! The goats and pony are chalk full of wonderful tales. All my animals are a pure joy.

  4. Shirley, believe it or not, I often think of you when I go out and admire (or curse) the weather. I know that you are probably out in the same stuff--either soaking in the autumn sun or nailing everything down for some storm. I'm hoping today we'll be soaking up some sun, my friend!

  5. I think we have snow in the forecast again for Sat. - with a high of 47*. Go figure; I don't know how it can snow in the 40's!

    Glad you still have grazing grass. Our guys would love to be doing that. Love to see the pictures, and the goat thing makes me smile.

  6. They're predicting snow for us with the highs in the 40's, too, and I was wondering the exact same thing. I still can't believe how early you got your snow, Juanita!!

  7. Great pictures. They all so happy and contented.


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