Monday, August 22, 2011

On the Other Side

Don't you love it when you get on the other side of a big event or crisis. There might be five more staring you down the way, but what a good feeling to get by a couple big ones. For me, those were Red's ears and the BBQ Fundraiser.

After a course of SMZ's, Red's secondary infection in the ear cleared up. I was surprised, though, how long it took for the skin to heal itself. That was one of the more difficult things I've ever had to deal with. Try to doctor a horse's ear when that ear is inflamed and painful. Good luck! Red's about as good as they get, but he didn't want me anywhere near that ear. Every day was spent trying to figure out a way to get up in there and do what I could to give him relief.

Lesson: Work with your horse's ears a lot when they're not injured.

The second big event, the BBQ, was wonderful. It was truly the best slow cooked pork butt and beef brisket I've ever had--bar none. The coach is from Texas and he got up at 3:00 am to start the smoker to slow-cook the meat for the 4:00 pm BBQ. He used real apple tree logs and chips and he'd rubbed the meat a day before with his family's own recipe. Oh my goodness, the first taste he gave us was delightful.

They also had a family recipe for baked beans. I don't usually like baked beans, but I could have eaten a pot full. The same with their cole slaw. They didn't make it until right before the BBQ started, so it was crisp and cold and a bit spicey.

There was a Latin American band there, too, Milonga. They had drums, trumpets, classical guitar, was a large band. They were awesome! I love to watch musicians play together. If you look at their faces you see how much they're enjoying it. Many of their songs were written in Spanish and were very upbeat and fun.

I don't know how much money we made, but for the first time ever doing something like this, I think it was a success no matter what. There were hundreds of people there and they all enjoyed themselves. It really brought the town together. Mission Accomplished.


  1. Glad to hear the event went well (and tastily). Fundraisers sometimes take a few years to get going in full swing--hope you can get the same cooks back next year!

  2. We went to a wedding on Saturday that had slow BBQ'd beef and pork that was awesome, and baked beans too!
    I once had a mare that absolutely loved to have the inside of her ears rubbed; she'd drop her head and close her eyes in sheer bliss. Her daughter was like that too.


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