Friday, July 15, 2011

What's In Your Tack Room?

I learn a lot about what to put in my tack room by looking at my friend's. I got the idea for the trailer mirror and the non-scented wipes from one of them recently.

This is a little tour of my trailer tack room--some tools of the trade that I've found helpful to have with me. What do you keep in yours? Anything that has been extremely helpful?

1. 15' lead out of yacht rope--and a rope halter by Andrea at Mustang Saga.

This is my absolute favorite halter and lead. I use it for all my horses at different times. When Beautiful pulled back the other day it was not a problem because the yacht rope has multiple layers that slide under each other making it much easier to loosen up after a thousand pounds of horse just tightened the slip-knot. It also has better "feel" and weight which gives me better communication with the horse on the other end. And, I only use rope halters for the same reason, better communication. I don't even own a nylon halter anymore.

2. Life time Brand Inspections on all my horses--even the ones I don't have anymore.

3. Grooming Supplies in portable tubs.

I haul with two, one for me and one for whoever is riding with me. We usually tack up on opposite sides of the trailer, so we can tote them around with us.

4. Manure Rake.

You don't want to leave manure piles at the trail head.

5. Fly Spray.

A must-have around here. I wouldn't even think of not spraying my horse before we take off on the trail. I also haul with two riding masks--one with ears and one without and nose net. I put them both in my saddle bags and use whichever works best for the day. It helps Cowboy with his head-shaking. I use the Cashel masks.

6. Various Supplies:

Extra leather ties, hole-punch, kleenex, garbage bags, towel, scissors, knife, vet wrap, ice pack, gauze, book on equine first-aid, lint-roller for all the hair, hair-ties for me, hair-ties for the horse, leather conditioner, and other little knick-knacks.

7. Collection of Helmets.

8. Bridles, bits and blankets.

The yacht-rope Mecate is my daughter's favorite. We had it custom made about six years ago. Each bridle belongs to a certain horse. Also, each horse has a blanket.

Here you can see my tack-room mirror--$14.95 from the Trailer Supply Company.

9. Saddles.

10. Training Supplies: Stick and flag--I use a garbage bag for the flag.

11. Bamboo pole for gentling beautiful.

I don't use this anymore, but wanted to take a picture to show you what one looks like. Nowadays I use it to stir the vitamins and grain for the horses.

I love bling, but it doesn't love me.

I thought I wanted red boots, but after trying them on, I realized I can't do bling. I'm going back to my brown Durangos.

However, this blingy orange coat was Juuuuussssst right. Instead of wearing an orange bib during hunting season, I'm going to wear this orange jacket from LLBean--on sale now for $45.00. Love it! Now I can ride easy and not worry about being shot. Do you think they'll see me coming?

What do you love?


  1. I love your blog's new look!

  2. Your tack room looks like mine!!
    I love the yacht rope lead rope. I have one I use on Chance and it is awesome!! I also love how it doesn't tighten up when a horse pulls back, and comes in handy when training a youngster to tie!
    I probably keep way too much in my trailer tack room, but it's there if I need it! I keep extra halters and lead ropes in my trailer just in case. I've been at a trail head and Fritzy pulled back and broke her lead rope. The person I had trailered with did not have extra leads. I always keep a couple extras in the tack room.
    I also keep a muck bucket in the horse section of my trailer for scooping the poop into from the trailer and from the trail head. I just like to keep things extra clean!
    I love your new blog look! Very nice!
    That is a very cute jacket too!

  3. You redid your blog! It looks nice! I'll take some pics of my tack room tomorrow. Right now, I have LOTS of homemade fly spray!

  4. Hi - I'm not a blogger myself but, like reading yours, I hope you don't mind??

    My barn tack room has way to much of everything but, my trailer tack room always has a trailer jack (jiffy jack), a lug wrench, a rain slicker and an extra pair of easy boots in case on of the horses blows a shoe.

  5. I can see I need a few extra things in my tack room by reading all your comments. I used to carry a jack, but I think my husband stole it from me. I remember one of the first times I unhooked my trailer away from home and didn't put the rocks behind the wheels--the tongue slid forward and off and I had to use a jack to get it back up and slide it under again.

    Another time, years ago, I noticed I had a flat tire upon returning to the trailhead. The friend I was with had an air compressor (yay!) that I used to get enough air to make it home. She also had a jack if I'd needed it.

    The rain slicker and extra leads and halters...also very good ideas. And I never thought of carrying an easy boot around in case they throw a shoe. Very good idea.

    I forgot to add what is in my saddle bags at all times--sunscreen--and I need to add OFF because I was bit up by mosquitoes last week. I also have trail maps, spurs, knife, camera, and masks in them.

  6. I have a particular weakness for red shoes myself, I always have at least one pair :)

    Wow- you are organized. If and when I get my own trailer I'm going to strive for your level of organization. Everything looks easy to find.

  7. HAHA, I think my trailer has everything but the kitchen sink (oh wait, it does have a sink).

    BTW - I love the new look as well.


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