Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Fence, Gates, Jeans and Clogs

I wrote a few days ago that we had family coming to town, and we did. It was our kids. Remember the wedding we had last month? Well, we were privileged to welcome the newlyweds to our home for the first time since the marriage. What an amazing couple they are. He's on the way to becoming an engineer, like his brother, and she is on her way to becoming a teacher.

My husband has always enlisted the help of his and my sons in our many projects. In the past they've remodeled bathrooms, torns down walls, put up fence, torn down trees, finished basements, planted pastures, landscaped, wired homes, and oh, so many more things. Too many to list.

The son who was here this weekend, his youngest, has become a master at planning and executing our projects. He can look at a design and instantly see its faults and a better way to do it. For now, he has taken the lead in our home improvements. Actually, he's been heading up our projects since he was about seventeen, so four years now. When he was seventeen he planned the wiring for the whole basement and then did it successfully--two bedrooms, one bathroom and a family room.

This weekend they did fences and gates. Next weekend they're starting a project that will extend the deck, build an overhang roof, and a Florida room underneath.

The fence project.

Remember our old system--wire, t-posts and two cinder blocks to mark the gate entrance? Not anymore. The gates are now permanent and the north side of the paddock is wood! woohoo! Little by little it's coming together.

While the boys were building fence, the girls were shopping and going to lunch.

I've been jean shopping. Ugh. Jean shopping is just plain painful for me. It is so hard to find a good, comfortable fit--jeans that keep their shape and look nice, too. I tried on a bunch--too long, too tight, too loose, or too much butt or gut hanging out. Depressing.

However, if you try long enough and hard enough, you're bound to come across a pair that actually fit, and I did--these Cash jeans by Wrangler. Nice. I'll put them to the test in the saddle this week and let you know how they hold up. For now, they felt pretty good--not too tight in the waist--not too high--not too low--good length in the leg--a little give to them, but are billed as holding their shape. We'll soon see. If they work out, I'll probably go buy a couple more pairs in the same size and color like I always do. That way I won't have to go jean shopping for a while.

In our fun shopping--the girl-shopping this weekend--I found things I didn't really need, but turned out to be great deals like these Ugg clogs. I put my feet in and felt that sheep skin--ay yi yi--foot heaven. They were at a discount store, so I snatched them up.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the saddle with Beautiful--well not IN the saddle, but ponying her with Cowboy. Now that the fence and gates are up I'll probably use the North pasture to move out in after she does a little bit in the round pen. We had to take the arena down to make the round pen, so the north and south pastures are the best option for now. If she gets loose I'm sure she'll run right back to the turnout. I guess we'll soon see. Never a dull moment with horses!

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