Thursday, June 30, 2011

Training Video

I've always said that training Beautiful has been fun and it is. She's got her own personality.

Hope you enjoy the video and the music.


  1. It's always fascinating to see Beautiful being trained. To think she was purely wild at one time, and then see this, it's amazing. Do you give her any food treats while she's training, as positive reinforcement?

  2. She's a good girl! A little spicy at times, but she sure settled down. How tall is she now. She doesn't look small at all!

  3. I haven't measured her. She's shorter than all my others, but she does look big in this video. She is a good girl. That was only 9 minutes of over 30 though and there was a lot of energy at the beginning of the lesson, but she came around nicely by the end. All the other horses were on the edge of the arena watching her--you can see her hears pointed their way a lot.

  4. She's a Beautiful girl. Looks to me like she's very smart and coming along really well. You have a nice calm way with her.

    Loved the music the first song is perfect for her.

  5. Joanne--Sorry I didn't see your comment until today.

    I don't use treats. I know a lot of people do and they have their reasons and I respect them. I have gone to giving treats to my pony, as well, because I figured it couldn't hurt.

    My thinking about it is that the relationship is the reward. If it's not, and they don't want that relationship with you, something is wrong, and it probably has to do with what I'm doing. A normal horse seeks out a relationship with a human it likes.

    I've had this philosophy first with dogs. I never gave my dogs treats during training. My thinking there was that I won't always have treats with me, but I'll have me.

    It's the same concept I have with horses--if all the elements come together right, the dog or horse will want to be with you and please you as you want to be with it and please it. That's a healthy relationship, in my mind.

  6. I'm not usually one to sit through a 9 minute video but boy, was yours the exception to that rule! Very interesting and informative - I've never started a horse and I love your approach. I'm impressed with both you and Beatiful! Good work -

  7. Nice to see you in action with Beautiful, who is well named!

  8. Really nice training session, Linda! Loved Beautiful's ease at coming down from her spunkitude and your calm demeanor at all times. She is going to be a wonderful companion on the trail!

    I forget that most horses do not have the level of fear that Chloe has. My other 7 horses are calm so you'd think I'd know that but I am still always amazed when I see a young horse like Beautiful take a saddle blanket and saddle so calmly.

    Thanks for sharing.

    And I am jealous you saw Buck's movie already. It is in a theater only 30 minutes away this week but I doubt I'll make it. I've heard great things about it. I like Buck overall...calm, fair, and straightforward approach to building relationships with horses. Hopefully Netflix will eventually have it.

    Scritches to the herd and other critters,
    Sue and the crew

  9. Thanks, Annette, Sue and Shirley--I know that video was long--thanks for hanging in there. I tried really hard to cut it back from 35 minutes, but I felt like if I cut anymore it wouldn't give a very true picture and I really wanted to show her arc.

    BTW, I LOVE the word spunkitude--that describes her to a tee.


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