Thursday, June 9, 2011

On a Bicycle Built for Two

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.

This was the song my grandfather always sang to our grandmother, substituting the Daisy for Thelma. They had matching his and hers cruisers and rode them on the beaches of San Diego, later giving them to us grandchildren who spray painted and rode them down the very steep Iroquois Way. What fun--like riding a horse at full gallop!

So, my husband and I got bit by the same bug my grandparents did--the next best thing to riding a horse, but much more of a workout (for us)--a bicycle built for two and matching Hybrids.

Yes, I've been self-propelling on the same trails I ride my horses on. Weird? Yes. I see it all from a different perspective now. People, please remove the manure from the asphalt!! (Hope that wasn't Cowboy's pile.)

Whoa Nelly, we're out of shape! Doing the push.

Afterward. Does this view look familiar? I've posted many a shot with Cowboy and me above this river.

Today we were at the bike shop and saw this tandem--the Hell Betty! Oh yeah. Now that's a stylin' tandem. Someone please buy this bike!

As I was pedaling today I was thinking--will this last? Will we keep up the bike riding? Is this going to be fun or is this going to be too much work? And I realized how much I'm like my horses.

#1--If we do too much on our first time out, I won't want to go again!

Take your horse out for an all day ride on their first ride out and I can pretty much guaruntee he'll be walking the other way the next day when you go to get him. Well, I'm like my horse. Push me too far on that bike the first day and I'll be making myself scarce when it comes time to ride again. I'm out of shape and it's going to take a bit of time to get back into shape.

#2--Be nice to me, don't fight, don't stress or I'll associate bike riding with bad vibes.

Uh-huh, just like my horse. He doesn't want to fight with me on the trail, he wants to explore and have fun. Today we had a mini-meltdown trying to secure our bikes in the bed of the truck. We need to fix that little glitch or else....

#3--End on a positive note!!

On our first ride out we made the almost-fatal mistake of parking up hill. Why could this be fatal? Well, you coast down-hill at the beginning when you have lots of energy and really want to pedal, then you work super hard pedalling up hill to get back to your car and are exhausted when you get there. It's all you can do to throw your bike back on the rack and walk to your door with jelly-legs and drive home.

Same with horses! They have lots of energy at the get-go so what better time to take that hill or mountain? They want to give it 100 percent and let loose--it's fun for them. My rule is that I'll run them away from the trailer, but we always walk back. It works on many different levels.

Today we parked down-hill with the bikes and rode the first part up and the last part coasting to the car. Now that's what I call fun, and I'm much more likely to want to go again.

Here we are:

In other news:

My husband's book--Blowing Smoke: Rethinking the Drug War, was picked up by a publisher. Congratulations to him for his many years of hard work in research and writing--it paid off and his ideas will now get a hearing.


  1. Your points are spot on! My experience of riding tandem with my husband is just one time -- we went waaaay too far. By the end, I felt trapped and miserable and I haven't done it since. - and you are so right about goat babies. So much like little human kids - crying for the bottle, crying for attention, following us around...

  2. Interesting perspective your bike ride gave you- and it's bang on! I had a nice ride today- on my horse!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I haven't ridden a bike in years, but always liked it. When I was in Junior High, I won a 10-speed bike from the local radio station and loved those new wheels.

    And a big congrats on your husband's book, you must both be thrilled! Keep us posted, and best wishes with the publishing journey :)

  4. My mother used to sing that song to me. Congrats to your husband.

  5. I'd love to hear more about your husband's book! My stepdad is a psychologist practicing in Spokane, specializing in addiction, so drugs are a common topic around the dinner table.

    Love the bikes! I've been riding a bit this summer too, for the first time since I was a kid. It's harder than I remember! But then I don't have a bike my size, my daughter's is a bit small.


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