Friday, June 10, 2011

Iron Cowgirl

I have an idea for a new competition--maybe someone's already thought of it:

1. Catch, load, trailer, saddle your horse and ride three hours, then haul back.

2. Jump on a mountain bike and ride fifteen miles to and along the same trails you just rode your horse on--miss all the landmines you deposited while there with said horse, and ride back home--pushing your bike up the steep hills as your son patiently waits for you at the top.

3. To finish off the race, do three loads of laundry, make dinner, water all the plants, feed all the animals, groom a couple of horses and pour yourself a glass of whiskey.

If you can do all this, you're an IRON COWGIRL!

And yes, I AM an Iron Cowgirl, too.


  1. Okay, but then how did you spend the afternoon? lol

    Seriously, I'm issuing you the Whole Latte Life Gold Medal, please take the podium :)

  2. Lookit them muscles! I like all of it except the cycling part.

  3. Hey, you have just qualified to work at the Lodge! Come on over.

    I don't know about that biking thing, either. Think I will stick to my four wheel drive horse.


  4. Thanks, Joanne. I'll take it.

    Shirley and Juanita, you might be surprised at how fun biking is, but I do understand your preference for the four-legged--it's far better in my book, too.

  5. Just reading all of that made me tired.


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