Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teeth Float and P3 Xrays

Back from the vet. Cowboy had some hooks on the back teeth that needed to be filed off and few sharp points, but, all-in-all, not too bad.

While we were at it, I asked for x-rays of his foot--since we haven't seen it since the break occurred. My farrier was interested to see how much arthritis is in the coffin joint. He's coming out to trim on Tuesday, so perfect timing. as you can see from the picture, there is a bit of arthritis near the joint. The vet recommended I put him on a joint supplement--Cosequin ASU.

As for the head-shaking, she wants to see if the float fixes the problem. If not, she said we should try the sun-blocking mask with the netting around the nose--we'll just keep adding treatment if it continues.

Here he is getting ready for the float. Those of you who have never seen it done, they take a powertool (or hand file--"float") and file/grind off the sharp edges of the teeth. It's quite a work-out, let me tell you--I was worn out just watching her. They have to stick it way, way back there to get the hooked teeth. Unlike us, a horse's teeth continue to grow throughout their life and they wear them down from chewing. (Some of the back teeth don't have opposing teeth, so they grow "hooks"). Also, their nerve endings end at the gums, so filing them does not cause tooth pain like it would in us.

The next picture is of a leather bracelet my friend made and I purchased yesterday. She just started making them and they sell for $15.00. She can do pretty much anything you want, but I like turquoise. I may have her add some tooling. If you're interested in something like this, tell me and I'll give you her contact info or click on this LINK.

My back is almost all better. Guess I'm getting old. I think I'm going to trade out my daughter for her lighter, balanced ride saddle. My days of swinging up the 70# monster are coming to a close. I'll try it out on my next ride and see if it fits Cowboy. The next ride, sadly, won't be until next week because we're leaving town tomorrow. I hate to leave my animals.

Happy Trails, everyone--hope your days are as sunny and warm as ours have been.


  1. You can never go wrong with a leather cuff. I have a couple that I wear often and I like them because they look substantial, but are so light weight that I don't even feel them on my wrist.

  2. In case you have to try other ideas also??? The mylar bits are really soft and nice as well. If maybe the bit is a problem??? Your a great mom to work out the possible issues, instead of just blaming your horse! I hope the teeth, or net for his face work though!!!!

  3. Joanne--this is one is pretty light weight, too, and I also have a whole collection of the leather cuffs! We think alike.

    Palidorj9--thank you. I attribute it to knowing my horse. I've been riding Cowboy for eight years--we're very close and know each other pretty darn well. If he doesn't want to go down a trail or in the vet's barn--he makes it very clear to me. This head-tossing is from some sort of discomfort, without a doubt. Thanks for the recommendation--I've heard good things about the mylar bits. I'm interested to learn more.

  4. I love the bracelet!
    It's good to know that Cowboy's P3 has healed so nicely. Things got a little hectic around here and I forgot to let you know that the xrays for Socks from both vets were on film hence the fact that I never emailed them to you. I have decided not to do injections or a neurectomy. Instead, I have started the process of taking him barefoot to see if improving his angle and encouraging better breakover will help. I have to meet the barefoot trimmer halfway as she is two hours from me but she said that, although it may take a year, she thinks we can help him tremendously. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  5. I like turquoise too. That's a very pretty bracelet. I'll check out the link. Thanks.

    I hope the joint supplements help Cowboy. I've had my mare on Corta-flx for years because she has some changes in her coffin & pastern joints too (and she's young), but has never been lame.

  6. I hope the dental work fix Cowboy's head shaking.

    I hope your trip went well and you got back home safely before the weather turned. Saturday night weather was awful on both sides of the state. I thought of you when I saw the weather patterns on the tv.

  7. Glad your back is feeling better, it might be a good idea to get a lighter saddle, hope it fits Cowboy. Sounds like the floating went well, I'll be interested to see if it helps with the head shaking. Love the bracelet, turquoise is one of my favorite gems too. Have a fun trip.

  8. I hope the cosequin helps, we had our old rottweiler on glucosamine as he got older and it seemed to make a big difference for him.

    It looks like your farrier does a good job with those feet :)


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