Friday, May 20, 2011

Head Shaking, Marsh Slogging & Kitties

First, a picture of the sweet kitties. I came in and looked at the picture and noticed there were only 4 or 5 in the picture, so went straight back out to find the missing white kitty and discovered it half-dead, wandered away from its mama and siblings. I rubbed its belly, it yelled out unhappily, and I placed it in its mama's arms. I don't know if it will survive though.

And now the update on the head shaking. Did floating the teeth solve the problem?


Yesterday's ride started out well when we were in the sunshine riding on an old dirt road, but when we turned into the trees for the second half and traversed the flooded, heavily-treed bog, the bugs intensified and Cowboy's head-shaking came back in earnest. To be fair, I did some of my own head-shaking and emerged from the trees, thirty minutes later, quite bitten up from mosquitos. I had no idea there was so much standing water, but the lack of sun has kept it from drying up and we've had so much rain, the creek had overflowed. We slogged through 3 inch deep water and oozy mud for almost the entire way. Add to that a herd of frantic, whinnying horses following us along an adjoining fenceline and it was quite the experience.

Cowboy was NOT a happy camper, but he trudged through anyway.

And when I got home I ordered this--riding mask with ears and nose cover: (proceeding from easiest solutions to more difficult.) Equilibrium Products

Today, the weather's going to be in the 70's with sunshine yet again, so a friend and I are going back out on the trail. She has a few ideas about the head shaking, so we're going to experiment a bit. I'll take video of him so you can see what I'm talking about.

Happy sunshine spring trails, everyone!


  1. Our horse Wahoe had a SEVERE head shaking problem one summer, and we tried everything over the course of several months. One time he shook so hard he fell over when our daughter was riding him (She still hasn't forgiven him that bit of clumsiness). What we found a day or two later was a short bit of the "fish-line" like thread coming out of his headstall, and poking him in his cheek. A bit of duct-tape and presto! Problem solved.

    Hope yours is as easy, and doesn't take as long to find as ours did!


  2. Poor little kitty. Hope it makes it.

    The mask might help the head shaking if it's from being bitten by bugs. I think I already mentioned that my horse Erik used to have the head shaking syndrome but only in the first part of the Spring. After that it disappeared as quickly as it came. I always thought it might be allergies. But I was never completely sure. Good luck figuring it out.

  3. Aw, the kittens are so cute, I hope the little white one pulls through.

    We've had a solid week of rain here, and they say the mosquitoes are going to be ferocious in no time from all the water. The not-so-fun part of spring and summer :/

  4. Sorry about all the rain, guys. I know it can be every bit as frustrating as snow; maybe more so because of the mud and bug fiasco that always follows that amount of water.

  5. I hope the mask helps. I have one that covers the ears with netting and then it's crocheted with tassles hanging down over the eyes. It helps with my horse. I have yet to find a bug spray that is worth the money spent on it.


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