Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day Of Surprises

Yesterday was full of surprises. First, I was surprised that I'd written my farrier appointment down wrong, so I was standing in the barn with horses, all by myself, waiting for the sound of a truck that never came.

After fifteen minutes of silence I was concerned...and bored....and anxious. My farrier is ALWAYS early. I called him, and sure enough, he wasn't due for another forty five minutes. Yikes!

This was a bit of a problem because I had a trail ride planned and a friend waiting for a call. I felt my window of opportunity to ride closing in between a later farrier appointment (which was much needed) and an emergency dental appointment for my son--where I'd get my last surprise of the day.

Being the wonderful mom that I am, I tried to wiggle my way out of the emergency dental appointment, but that was not to be. All of my alternate plans were right quickly rejected.

When my farrier did arrive, we had no less than six horses to trim, and, being in a hurry, it seemed every horse lasted a lifetime. The last to be trimmed was fat-boy, Shadow, who was lying down in his stall like he was dead. Both my farrier and I thought he MUST be dead, the horse was acting as if he didn't even see us. But that was not to be one of my surprises of the day because, in his own lazy time, Shadow did decide to grace us with his presence.

Farrier appointment finished, call made, it was time to get Cowboy--who was FULL of energy. In fact, the weather was ripe for excitement: 50 degrees, wind, rain--the kind of weather that makes horses wants to hang out in the barn rather than ride out on trails.

Now the weatherman, liar that he is (haha--let's face it, all spring weather-persons are GUESSING), predicted SHOWERS, but if I was to live my life according to weather predictions, I'd never get a ride in and be kicking myself for staying home. Rather than thinking of them as weather predictions, I think of them as weather SUGGESTIONS. Though it was lightly raining, it certainly wasn't "showers" and, in fact, the weather got better, rather than worse--which was surprise number two.

So, while I was getting Cowboy tacked up, him wearing his fly mask, I get surprise number three. I approached him with fly spray and on first shot he pulls back like nobody's business. Cowboy has NEVER pulled back. It's not his thing. Hmmmm...guess I'm going to have to be more sensitive with this whole fly mask/visibility issue.

Out on the trail, Cowboy is first to discover surprise number four--we are riding trails that are sectioned off for a bike race. Cowboy spots one of what will eventually be a hundred arrow signs, and stops short. MONSTER alert. It didn't help that the monster showed up just as a gun went off at the shooting range. (Yes, there is an adjacent shooting range that keeps the horses hopping, but makes for an excellent desensitization opportunity.) Hmmmm....arrow signs, caution tape, trails blocked off and three men racing toward us on mountain bikes, one with a glaring light on his helmet.

I raised my hand toward them and yelled for them to "Whoa". (Horses have right of way on the trails, don't they?) I must have said it with enough conviction because all three came to a stop and moved out of our way. The last one told us, however, that there would be more of them coming a long because this was a "24 Hour Trail." Sure enough, he was right.

After the ride was finished, and it was a glorious ride, as always, my friend, who'd unexpectedly offered to pick me up and haul us out, dropped me back off at the barn where I unloaded, untacked, and jumped right into my truck to drive the twenty minutes to my son's school and dental appointment.

And this is always the time when you get the next surprise, NO GAS, surprise number (gawd, where I am now on the count?)--I think number five. So, when I pulled up to the pump and saw the price of gas, $4.00 a gallon, I got surprise number six. Ahhhh, why is gas so expensive?!?!? I went to pull out my debit card that my daughter had borrowed and, sadly, not returned, and got surprise number seven! When I tried to use an old debit card and it was rejected--surprise number eight. Not to be deterred--I tried yet another--BINGO! Gas!

Fast forward, I made it to the appointment at exactly 4:00 pm. Dropped my son off and waited. At 5:00 I got my last surprise of the day. My son has not four wisdom teeth, but FIVE--which should make the oral surgeon happy next month when he pulls them out and bills us for each individually. Merry Christmas! (My son looked it up and though this condition is very rare, it is associated with the person having a very lucky life. Hmmmm...the surgeon or my son?)

Whew! Yesterday was a mile a minute, but today is looking exactly opposite. We'll be mowing the fields, dropping the truck off for new shocks and, otherwise, relaxing.


  1. What a day! I'd be hard pressed to handle all that in one day.

  2. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? Really Linda, that's the kind of day where all you can do, finally, is laugh. Just laugh. And be glad for the next, quieter, day :)

  3. Yes, and this has really turned out to be quieter. Mowing is the most relaxing thing to do on earth. You're on a tractor, for six hours, going in circles. if that isn't relaxing. And tonight my daughter and I are going to the 9:20 showing of Jane Eyre. Nice day.

  4. I LOVE your new header! Amazing!

    Sounds like quite a day. I didn't even know it was possible to have 5 wisdom teeth.

    I didn't realize there was a new Jane Eyre. I love that story.

  5. Hi Linda,glad to have found your blog. If I could see into the future those would be the days I stay under the bed covers!!

  6. Wow! That is just crazy!! It always seems to work out that way, when one thing goes, it all goes! Hope it gets back to normal and that you got your relaxing day!

  7. That was quite a chain reaction of events.

  8. Yeah, those are the days that speed by with very little effort or control. I did get a relaxing day yesterday though and saw Jane Eyre last night. It was wonderful.

    This morning though, I found a porcupine needle end festering in my dog's nose. I think it's the one I pulled out on my own--the wrong way. It probably broke off in there. :(

  9. Wow, you really had a nerve wracking day. I think it's good to take weather predictions as suggestions it makes it so much more interesting. I've come to take speed limit signs as suggestions too. Glad you had a good ride in the middle of all this. Don't feel so bad about $4 a gal. we have as high as 4.49 around here, gouging us, bunch of thieves. Funny about your son's extra tooth. Both my husband and son have one extra tooth in their mouths also, not my daughter's though. Hope you get a chance to relax.


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