Thursday, May 19, 2011

Babies, Baby!

What are Cowgirl and Beautiful looking at?

A baby!

Our neighbor has a bunch of pregnant mares in the adjoining pasture (separated by two fences) and we can always tell when a baby's being born by watching our mares. They're naturally curious and LOVE babies.

And in more baby news--our barn kitty had kitties this morning! We're so excited for her. Now she won't be out there alone. We'll probably let her keep three and then have them all spayed and neutered. So far, she's had six.

In the past, we haven't let our barn cats have kitties, but we reversed that rule last year, and I'm so glad we did! Here's a picture of her I took yesterday when I was out at the barn. She looked HUGE. Cowboy loves her and spent a good deal of time in the barn with her, so I had the impression the due date would be last night or today.

And now, I'm heading out for a trail ride with friends. It's going to be 70 something degrees today and sunshine. I get to test out Cowboy's new teeth. More on that and the head shaking later...

Happy Baby Trails, everyone!


  1. Babies! It must be great having all those kittens around. They certainly are fun little creatures.

    I've been tossing the idea around to get a weanling when I finally get my own place. Like your mares I think mine would appreciate having a little one to raise.

  2. I think it's so sweet the way mares are instinctlively drawn to babies. Can't wait to see baby kitty pics. And hope you had fun on your trail ride. Looking forward to hearing how Cowboy did.

  3. How wonderful to be surrounded by fuzzy babies!

  4. Adorable baby!! I love foaling season. It is a very fun time of year!
    That is cool your barn kitty had kittens!! Mama is so pretty!!

  5. WooHoo! You need to have a baby shower Blog Post :)

  6. I love babies! Especially foals...they are just amazing to me!


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