Friday, April 1, 2011

A Trip To the Big City

On this blog, you usually only see pictures of our barn and pastures, horses, and trail rides, and if you're like most horse people, that's all you probably want to see. Unfortunately, though, we do have to leave Eden every once in a while and head out into the big, dark metropolis that is Spokane.

Actually, we love Spokane, and I enjoyed photographing it today on our way to and from Big R--the local ranch store. Here we are heading home on the freeway. Notice the gloomy weather? We were supposed to get sunshine.

Here is the old Presbyterian church.

I love this next shot--McDonalds. All those beautiful, old buildings and Micky D's. We like our fast food in the Pacific Northwest!

But what we like even more is the BUFFET! Whoa Nelly, pull the car over at the nearest exit.

Here's the main artery to the downtown, Lincoln St.

It was long journey to the big city today, but it was all worth it for this:



And a little of this....


  1. Gothic arches and golden arches. I love it!

    Nice hat, but felt would be more rain resistant...


  2. Yep, we worship at the golden arches around here. I paid my dues there when our kids were young--the McDonalds Playplace.

    I think that's true about the hat. I'll make that my sunshine hat--which means I'll rarely wear it. :/

  3. Those ranch store purchases look familiar. good stuff, all of it.

  4. We all need to get out and do something different once in a while. Beautiful church.

  5. Such Americana - those golden arches!

    And I love that hat, very stylin' ... It would be a great sun hat on the beach here. I'm going to keep my eyes open for one like it.

  6. What a combination that is horse treat, wormers and flowers. Considering I wormed yesterday, I'm thinking I better be hitting the barn with treats today, so that makes perfect sense to me. I do have a couple that would prefer the flowers to regular horse treats though. LOL

    It's been quite a while since I was in Spokane. I guess I didn't notice the architecture around the Mikey D's.

  7. Hey, I live about 2 and a half hours from Spokane! I drove by that Presbyterian Church (and admired it) when I went to the airport to pick my daughter up for Christmas. We might just have to get together at some point.

  8. Shirley--I'm not surprised. Sometimes your pictures look an awful lot like what's happening here! Do you ever ride in Spokane?

  9. I haven't hauled across the border for years. We live 6 miles north of the Porthill border crossing.


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