Monday, April 25, 2011

Dazzling Dahlias!

We all get to see a lot of GREAT art on blogs. We're treated to spectacular illustrations of horses, hummingbirds, hares and hostas--unfortunately, THIS is not one of those blogs. So, please bear with me as I showcase some of my watercolor experiments from my online class.

Today's subject--Dahlias! (I'll get to horses--give me time....lots of time.)

We planted 28 Dahlias this weekend. There were so many varieties and colors, I had to make a schematic to keep up with them all. Part way into the process I realized I could do it with watercolors, and so I transferred the image to watercolor paper and had a try at it. (This is just the front yard! Woohoo--Dazzling Dahlias everywhere--eventually!)

So far, I'm really enjoying my watercolor class. We're still getting used to our brushes and learning how to mix colors. It's a lot of fun and very relaxing.

Believe it or not, our town sold out of Dahlia bulbs last year. What the hay? How does that happen? Not to have a repeat of that 2010 Dahlia fiasco, I bought EVERY bulb Walmart sold--pink, peach, red, yellow, lilac, orange and variations of all those colors. Here is a picture of my Dahlias from 2009.

I have high hopes for my 2011 Dahlias. Let it rain!

More summertime's a picture of....WATERMELON! (Bet you haven't thought much about watermelon this year with all the snow, sleet, hail, and wind.)

I call this piece, Watermelon Pancake.

The thing I love about my online watercolor class is we're encouraged to experiment, make mistakes and have fun. There's a real emphasis on those very things, even before the painting itself, which, for me, is freeing. So far I've found this to be an extremely relaxing and rewarding endeavor. I can't wait to have a try at my horses....soon.


  1. I love dahlias! I have some that come back every year in a corner of my veggie garden.

  2. I can't wait to see more of your painted images, and am so glad you're enjoying the class! I like how Laure encourages you to experiment and have fun, we learn so much about the craft through that process. It'll be a very colorful Spring for you :)

  3. Do you have to dig up the bulbs (tubers?) over winter and replant your Dahlias in the spring?
    There is a place down the road from us that has a long row of Dahlias along his driveway; they're beautiful.
    Looks like you are getting the water colors all figured out.

  4. Holy cow lady, that's a lot of dahlias! Your yard is going to look amazing! I should have made a painting of my gardens when I planted them so I could remember what and where everything is. Very smart of you, nice job!

  5. I can see where plantint dahlias gave you inspiration. Just think how much more you'll have when they are actually blooming. That should be fun.

    The watermelon has my mouth watering. oh how I want some.........

  6. Your paintings are gorgeous. And I'd love to see a panoramic shot of your dahlias in your yard. GREAT!
    And how about more horse pictures? Your Shadow and Cowboy are gorgeous, too. Wow!
    Visit my horsie blog to find out all about the horses in my life.
    Marsha Hubler

  7. I like your style with the combo of pen ink and watercolors. I figure that it's part of the exercise but I still like the effect.

  8. Great watercolors, I can see how it would be relaxing to paint such pretty pictures. I love watermelon, yummy, it just says "summer."

    I've got to get out there and start planting too, now you've inspired me to get off my hands and on my knees to start putting in some color. We have a few Dahlia's but nothing like you're going to have. Riotous color everywhere, it's going to be so beautiful.


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