Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Cheers for Grandkids!

Time to lengthen those stirrups! Someone has been in a growth spurt.

Our grandkids were with us this weekend, and we had lots of fun. All five are the happiest kids--joyful and kind-hearted. We have one especially horse-crazy grandaughter who I've blogged about before. She loves all the animals: horses, dogs and cats. Even though it was cold outside, she would come in and out from playing with them all day.

These are the children of my husband's daughter, of course, because, as you know, I'm way, way, way too young to be a grandmother, right? Apparently, not anymore. When I was in my 30's and I'd introduce my grandkids, people would say, You're too young to have grandkids. Now, they look at me and say, Of course you have old lady, you! Gosh, back when we first had grandkids, they even said my husband was too young to have them. Time flies.

Anyway, whatever age, grandkids are, by far, the best, the sweetest, the most wonderful. When they love our horses, dogs, cats and goats, too--that's just icing on the cake.

I have something to look forward to--a weather change. If the forecast is correct, I'll be able to haul out to the trails this Friday. I don't have shoes on Cowboy yet, but where I ride, especially this time of year, the ground is pretty soft. I can avoid the rocky areas. He's scheduled for shoes on the 29th. He is my one who really needs them in order to stabilize his hoof and avoid any extra pain from the arthritis in his coffin joint. (From the fracture).

My farrier used to stagger my trimmings and do half on each visit. Somehow the two sessions got closer and closer together, and now we're back to doing them all at once again. I don't really like it this way, though, because it seems like so much more money when you write one big check. We have seven horses and, as you can imagine, it adds up. I'm thinking about asking him to split them up again, but is that just being silly? I mean, it's the same amount of money--but isn't there something to be said for fooling oneself when it comes to horse bills? Probably best to do it all at once.

It's almost six in the evening here and it's still fully light out. Our horses are grazing on last year's grass in the East pasture. I think I'm going to like this extra light--makes me feel like Spring's around the corner.


  1. I've got to get me one of those bumper-stickers

    "If I'd Known How Much Fun Grandkids Were, I'd Have Had Them First!"

    How wonderful they like critters.


  2. Cute pic, right down to the pink cowboy boots, correct posture and wonderful kid sized saddle. OK, so the legs are growing, which is usually a good sign. I love the way horses just seem to protect little kids!

    Lucky you, getting to go on a trail ride - in March. Our horses got moved to a different pasture yesterday and we didn't get to see them. I am still pouting. I have fits about bills for three; don't know how you handle seven. I would be splitting them up, too, for the same reasons. LOL Enjoy your spring sentiment.

  3. Those children must LOVE going to your house! That picture of your granddaughter on the pony is just precious, what memories she'll always have.

    And I notice Beautiful Girl keeping an eye on things, too ...

  4. I am so excited for our niece to come up this summer, I am putting her on one of our horses for the first time! She'll be 2 1/2 yrs old and she is totally horse crazy!! I can't wait to teach her how to ride and about all the other fun horsey stuff!

  5. Ha! Funny! I've seen that bumper stick before, too, but it is spot on!!

    Juanita--We got those boots for her almost two years ago and they still fit, but she's due for more this July (her birthday). This time, though, I want to take her on the shopping trip and let her choose for herself. And that grandkid saddle has been worth its weight in gold. ;)

    Joanne-I noticed Beautiful, too. She's a curious girl!

    Paint Girl--That sounds like a lot of fun. Our grandaughter first got on a horse at 2.

  6. My husband was just telling our son the other day to give us 10 years before having any children. He says he's tired. I don't get that. It's not like we have to raise our grandchildren. They can just come to visit and bring us joy, right? Actually, in today's economy I know a lot of grandparents are raising their grandchildren because the parents have to work multiple jobs and can't afford day care.

  7. I think that's probably very true--daycare is spendy and lots of people need two incomes. We don't have that situation, but I know of many people who do.

  8. I didn't know that saying was a bumper sticker, I thought my friend made it up. Hmm.

    Your pictures are wonderful, it's so nice that the grandkids love the animals and your place. My one granddaughter who will turn six this month loves horses. She's had a few walk around rides and she loves Blue and Mellon the best. Her sister will only be 2 in May so she's not ready but she does love the horses too. The boys are too young 2 & 7 months so no takers there. I think that the grandkids are a little more work than my own three were. A few days babysitting can really wear an old granny like me out.

    I'm so happy that spring and longer days are coming too, now maybe I can get some things done around here.

  9. I still say you're too young to have grandchildren [even if they are so adorable]!

    I sent our weatherman an email asking him to shift 10-15 degrees from Nevada to you this weekend. Not sure if weathermen take requests like that, but heck, it's worth a try :)

    I absolutely agree with you on staggering the farrier visits. It does somehow trick your mind into thinking you're not paying as much.

  10. She looks like she already knows what she's going and there's such concentration on that face. Pretty awesome.

    I would love to do mine all in one day but it's not often my farrier will accommodate that. The check is a huge ouch but that's ok. It's not like it costs less when I do it in two. I like to have it out of the way so I don't have to worry about it for another 6 8 or more weeks depending on the season. It seems like it takes my whole day whether we do them all of once or take two days so that's another reason to get them all done at once here.

  11. GHM--We started our grandaughter out with walk-around rides, too.

    Amber, Thank you so much for saying I'm too young. ;) And thank you for shifting us up some of your good weather.

    Mikael--I bet your check is a huge ouch!

  12. Of course, that goes without saying. LOL Even the smaller ones are a huge ouch. Last time he was here we "only" did 12 and it was $300. I am grateful he gives me a break on trims because he does so many of them here and the horses are so well behaved. Otherwise that ouch would be so much bigger. But hey, it's my thinking that anyone silly enough to have 30 horses deserves the huge bills that represents. LOL

  13. Well, that's true of course, and sometimes I kick myself for having seven of these wonderful, but expensive, creatures--but that's why I like to fool myself...just a little. That is GREAT that he gives you a little discount--how nice. My farrier comes over whenever we have any hoof emergency and he never charges for it, so that's really nice, too.

  14. Cute pictures! Our first grandkid is currently under construction (my stepdaughter's first child). I'm already plotting what horse themed toys and gifts to buy. My stepkids aren't interested in horses, but maybe their kids can be swayed. :-)


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