Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Causes

I know there are a lot of good causes out there--a lot--and one of them is land conservation for people and horses. As cities grow, there is more and more demand for land and, in hard financial times, more and more public outcry to sell public lands.

I live near two wonderful equestrian parks--Riverside State Park and Palisades Park. The two are separated by a road and a couple privately owned parcels. The Palisades Organization, a group of local volunteers, works to preserve, add to, clean, clear trails and expand the park to the larger Riverside State Park. This year, we hope to add two new parking lots for horse trailers.

All of you out there who have few to no places to ride, where there are non-motorized vehicles, probably know exactly how lucky we are to have this--500 acres in Palisades and 10,000 acres in Riverside, equestrian riding area.

Tomorrow is our biggest fund raiser of the year--The Best Damn Chili on the Rimrock 2011 Contest and dessert auction. It's held at the Finch Arboretum and there is no cost to attend. You can try the chilis and, hopefully, vote on your favorite--which would be.....maybe....mine?

I've also made an Oreo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake for the auction!

If you're in the local area, I hope you can make it from 4-7. Stop by any time before 6 and you should be good.


  1. That looks like fun. I wish I wasn't so far away.

    My club does a chili cook off thing like that at our spring horse show. I love chili but some of those are too wild for me. LOL

    I wondered what you were up to with the Oreos. Now I know. Now my dessert siren is wailing in my head wanting to be fed. LOL

  2. Wow, I'd travel cross-country for a slice of that Oreo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake alone :)

    Good luck!

  3. I wish I could make it! I'd love to support the cause (and try some of that great food). I hope you guys raise lots of money.

  4. I wish you could all make it, too. I have a long way to go to beat the 3 year winner. He raised $1,300 on one pot of chili in '09. Stiff competition!

  5. Chili and cheesecake! What a great combination. They both look delicious. I wish I could attend. I hope lots of money is raised for the equestrian parks.

  6. I wish there were more communities like yours interested in saving riding areas for us. Great idea with the chili contest. And come on "Oreo Chocolate Chip Cheesecake", I'm trying to stay on a diet here!

  7. Hi Linda, I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful comment you left on my blog. I also wanted to let you know that I am taking my gelding to the vet tomorrow to see what our options are on the P3 fracture. I'll let you know what he has to say.


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