Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting My Happy On

I'm having to do a major, mental readjustment. I was thinking spring had arrived, but apparently not. In fact, it's snowing outside as I type this entry. What the hay?!?!?

So, I've gone off the deep-end a bit around here--a little stir crazy. I'm doing whatever I can to get the happy on.

And this is what it looks like:

1.) Forcing myself to drink LOTS of water, and I do mean FORCING myself. There's something about winter with me where I don't crave water at all--not even one glass. It makes my gag-reflex kick into gear. I add lemon, and that helps, but pretty much, I just have to remind myself and force myself. I do feel much healthier after I have my 8 glasses, though I do have to take several more potty breaks.

2.) Music and dancing. Yep, I've turned on the music in every room and I am a Dancing Queen. I've got my husband in on it--he's dancing with me much of the time. I started about two or three weeks ago when I first felt the winter crazies setting in. Off with the news. Muammar Gaddafi, who? And why am I paying so much for gas? Dunno. Off with the dramas--if it's depressing--it's going back!

In with the comedies. In with the music. Sometimes I don't have the "dance" in me, but I turn on the music anyway and then it seeps in--first the tapping of the feet, then the head action--pretty soon I'm twirling around the rooms--at least as much as I can twirl. I'm not a dancer. When I did aerobics, I was the one going left when everyone else was going right, but this dancing is for "my eyes only." (and my husband's.)

3.) Ebay. I started to shop online for really cheap deals so that I can look forward to receiving the mail again. I have several things coming from Hong Kong and Singapore--(hopefully, no Anthrax or package bombs).

Fun! So far I've received a denim dress by DKNY, a big, white Anne Klein watch (which my daughter thinks is "BUTT-UGLY!"--and a book. I have coming, several earrings, more watches, 3 watch necklaces and a couple denim shirts for the barn.

It was so much fun bidding until my last bid--which ended all bidding. In the summer, I'm all about jeans, tanks, leather and turquoise, so I found a beautiful, used leather fossil watch. It was $25.00--no shipping or tax--so I bid on it. Then, I was immediately outbid. Let's just say, I got into the whole auction experience and that is why people like the bidding process rather than the buy-it-now option. I did "win" the watch, but it turned out very, very good for the seller. I have now banned myself from ebay....but I still have several trinkets coming from around the world.

The other things I'm doing, I always do. I'm practicing my piano, reading, writing, hanging out with the horses, researching, editing my husband's writing, getting together with friends and family--all the things that keep me sane as I wait for the snowdrops (flowers, that is) and crocus.

Any suggestions? What are you all doing to keep the marbles in the noggin?


  1. I try to catch up on reading this time of year. I love to read but don't usually have time in the summer. I also catch up on some well needed sleep! Getting lots of naps in is a must.
    I can't wait for spring, I am so ready, as we all are!

  2. You sound like you have found some interesting things to do! I got hooked on Ebay one summer and bought a bunch of stuff I really didn't need...I now stay away from Ebay!!! It's easy to get caught up in the fever of bidding! Your winters are like our summers here, when it can reach 120 degrees! I have to find things to do indoors at that time or head up to the horse ranch!!!

  3. The warm weather has switched coasts then. We're creeping into the 40s finally, and melting some of this snow.

    I have a leather Fossil watch and love it. It sort of has a 70s retro feel to it, with a wide suede-like band imprinted with a pattern on it.

    As for keeping the marbles in the noggin, I know that by May, the garden and yard will be calling me outdoors more often, so I'm just keeping my writing nose to the grindstone for now.

  4. I like music and love to sing(when no ones' around) and dance. I usually start shopping for books to read because I usually have at least two going at once. And believe it or not I have so much fabric that I've been sewing bathroom and kitchen curtains. Then again there are blogs to read...

  5. Marbles in the noggin, I'm pretty sure mine are long gone. I am catcing up on reading blogs. doing some housework, which I hate, and doing some grooming on my horses. Oh, and I forgot the really sick part, I crave sugar when I am bored. Not good! If the weather doesn't break soon, I'm going to be ready for a straight jacket.

  6. If water makes you gag, you're in trouble. I probably drink five tumblers of it a day. I rarely drink anything else, except coffee and tea. But if I'm having problems feeling full and having problems sleeping I'll drink a glass of milk. We've got another storm coming through tonight. I feel a bit like a prize fighter who keeps getting knocked down. I'm just trying to ignore it while I social network like crazy. I'll bet when the sun finally comes out for good, we'll all leave crickets chirping in cyberspace.


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