Thursday, March 31, 2011

Emily Dickinson's Garden

Every year, about this time, we start to switch gears to gardening. It has been a passion of my husband's and mine since we moved here and were able to design every stitch of grass, tree, shrub and flower for our new home.

A few years ago I began reading two books: The Gardens of Emily Dickinson, by Judith Farr, and Emily Dickinson's Gardens, by Marta McDowell, both wonderful, but very different books. At that time I also started to plan my own garden with the emphasis on creating a poetic space. I wrote about that journey on my Wordpress blog, Emily Dickinson's Garden.

Now I'm back there again for 2011, reading poetry, writing poetry, planning my garden, but this year we'll also get to bask in the wonder of the poetic space we've created, (if it ever gets here!) Eden, where are you?

Dahlias are our favorite, and this year we have about ten new varieties to plant. Since we're supposed to have sunshine and upper 50's tomorrow, that just might be the day to do it. My husband is off for the next three days (YAY) and what better time for it?


  1. Gardens are so peaceful, I like the idea of creating that little oasis with our own hands. Happy planting ...

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the xrays on Socks showed some shadowing around the navicular bone and nothing on the P3. Unfortunately my dad had to take him since I had to work and I didn't get to ask all the questions that are rolling around in my brain. The vet says that he thinks it is mostly arthritis from an old injury and that we can keep him comfortable with joint injections. He was out of the injectable he wanted to use so I'm supposed to take him back next week. I plan on getting to see the xrays and bombarding my poor vet with questions at that time.
    I haven't requested the xrays from his old vet yet but I definitely feel that I need to do so as it seems that there are two different diagnoses.

    Good luck with your gardening!

  3. That would be good news, if it's correct! Did he give you the digital copies of the x-rays? My farrier said he'd like to see them. He consults in these types of cases and has written and taught on the subject, and he always likes to see examples and add it to his knowledge base. P3 fractures aren't all that common. My farrier said if you could get both copies, before and after, that would be great. He also said the key to maintaining a post-P3 fracture is balance, and if he knows which area you're at, he might be able to recommend a farrier who has done this work. Let me know if you're interested in that--you can email me.

  4. I hope your dahlia planting goes as planned. I've not been able to make hide nor hair out of the weather forecasts to get much of anything done.


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