Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You Dansko?

I'm reading, Whole Heart, Whole Horse: Building Trust Between Horse and Rider, by Mark Rashid, and so far, it's my favorite of his books. I want to comment on it chapter by chapter with my thoughts, but I'm not finished writing the first yet, the one addressing, Mistakes.

My brain was firing off in so many directions reading it--how it correlates with everything I do--like my piano--like my writing--like my LIFE. In some ways, there is no such thing as a "mistake"--the only mistake would be if you didn't do something--anything--or if you didn't learn from them.

Since I've been back to piano lessons, I found the book, The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self, and the correlations between the two are amazing...but more on that tomorrow.

For today's post--I thought I'd follow up on yesterdays, and actually show you pictures from my time on eBay. Looking back over them, I got a lot accomplished without having to leave the house. I needed a new watch, jewelry, and some clothes for the barn and for spring--and I didn't do too bad, all in all.

I first found this necklace watch at Urban Outfitters for $30.00 and I liked it, but didn't buy it. On eBay--this was $1.00. Of course, it's coming from Hong Kong, but I've had good luck with items from there, so I'm not worried. One time, I ordered the same item from there and CA, and the Hong Kong item made it here first.

The denim dress. I did some soul-searching this year because I cleaned my closet out last summer--bags and bags full of clothes and shoes I didn't wear--and I didn't want to fill it up with junk again. I asked myself--what do I REALLY like--what is ME--what will I wear with the lifestyle I have? My answer was denim--clothes I could wear to the store, to dinner, to the barn, or around the house. As far as I'm concerned, they need to bring back denim in a big way. I did find a shirt at Banana Republic, but guess what--it was $65.00! I'm not spending that much on a denim shirt--so I went to eBay. This dress arrived yesterday and I tried it on and loved it. It was a little big, but better big than too small. I think it will be perfect for around here.

THE watch to end all watches....or at least my eBay shopping. I LOVE it and, apparently, so did a lot of other people. Fossil doesn't make it anymore, so this was my only route. Actually, I shouldn't complain about how much I paid since it was still far less than what it would sell for new. I can't wait until it arrives...maybe today. For this watch, I suffered through the bidding process, but came out victorious--barely. I used the strategy of waiting until the last minute--the last 60 seconds--and so did another bidder. We both put in our highest bids and pushed the button--mine won by a mere 50 cents, and the bidding was over.

Do you Dansko? A friend last night told me ALL horse people Dansko, and I'm thinking I want to Dansko, too. Do any of you? Do you have a favorite? I didn't win these on eBay, but I'm starting to think I want a pair.

The denim shirt--I got this for about $5.00--a great work shirt for the barn.

The "Butt-ugly" watch...according to my daughter. I won it on eBay thinking it would be great for Spring and Summer. I like the copper accents--they seemed unusual. Needless to say, however, I didn't have a bidding war on this one.

Earrings from Malaysia. I got these in Amber and Turquoise. I have a real problem with losing or destroying jewelry--so getting them on eBay seemed the wise thing to do.

The jacket I want--Levi Trucker jacket. Haven't got it yet.

More earrings I won.

Family news. Remember how I wanted to find my great-great-grandfather's name? Well, I had a stroke of good luck. A distant member of our family got ahold of us and sent us a ton of family history from that side--out of the blue. It got me back on the track to fill in the holes, and when I was at my parent's house on Monday, scanning old family pictures and documents I found a treasure trove--like this portrait of his daughter--my great-grandmother on her wedding day with my great-grandfather. (Thomas William Davis and Alice Goldie).

That picture has inspired me to write a new short story, one that has been swimming around in my head, called, Second Wife. I've found it tragic, that her step-children took her family jewelry--took her wedding dress to cut up and make into children's clothes--(one of them, miraculously, kept that from happening and preserved it instead--our family received it back 80 years later).

My grandfather always said there was one good one out of all his half sibs--and through the line of that one good one--we received our family heirlooms and family history. She is a saint in my eyes for doing that for us. Poor Alice, above, died in childbirth when my grandfather was only three and he was taken, with his siblings, to an orphanage. They could have lost their history, too--we could have lost it--so I'm very thankful--and inspired to write a story for Alice--Second Wife. (Does she look like an evil step-mother? It's time to turn around the malicious fiction and attempts to devalue the second wives and set history aright.)

(Henry Goldie, John Goldie, and Alice Goldie--together in England)

This man has a name now--Alice's father is John Goldie from South Shields or Maryport--England on the Irish Sea (according to my mom's notes). We've been told that John Goldie captained a boat, and both of those are coastal towns, so it would make sense. He may have even lived both places. Now that I have this information, I want to track down that side of the family and give them some of these photos. (There are other photos we have, but I don't know the names of the individuals--I'm hoping by locating the family, I can figure that out and give the photos to those who might be interested.)


  1. Ooh, Ebay addictions are dangerous. I've had to consciously stop myself from visiting that place before. I've lost a ton in shipping.

    Anyway, I love that book too. Personally my favorite is "Considering the Horse," that book fundamentally changed how I work with my horses.

  2. I liked that book of Mark Rashid's too. I've read them all and like what he has to say.

    Love all your finds but especially the earrings. I'm an earring person. I stay away from ebay I could get into trouble there.

  3. I used to sell on ebay. Did more of that than buying. I am just not a shopper which is probably good because I hear ebay can be addicting. LOL

  4. Tried to leave a comment before - this may be a duplicate.

    I really like that Mark Rashid book too - the concept of making mistakes as horse and rider learn together is a powerful one. I'm interested in the music book you mentioned and will look it up.

  5. I find I've been doing more and more shopping online, but from stores. I haven't tried ebay yet. That denim dress looks great, but my fave of all your purchases is the Fossil Watch, very cool. I have a Fossil purse, too, which looks like a brown leather saddle bag, I use it all the time. And my daughter would love those Lucky earrings, one of her favorite brands. Had fun seeing all your purchases ... Feel free to buy more and keep us entertained :)

  6. Joanne--I have a leather Fossil purse, too. It's a mail carrier type--wonder if it's the same one. I'm really looking forward to getting the watch. I would love to entertain you more with my purchases, but I've been restricted from eBay for a while. :( Self-restriction!

    Kate--I think you'd like the music book. I bought it in hardcopy and then, later, on Kindle. I like to refer to it.

    GHM--I'm also an earring person. I love to go to the local artisan fairs and find them in summer--etsy has some great stuff, too. Oh, and my cousin is a wonderful jewelry designer, but she's pregnant and hasn't made any new ones in a while. :(

    Mikael--Yes, it could be addictive, but one bad incident is enough to scare you straight. In my case, it happened with the watch...although, of everything I purchased, I'm most excited about it. I'll tell you in a few months if it was worth it.

    Smazourik--you're right about the shipping. Luckily, the watch was free shipping and no tax. You know, the way I got onto eBay in the first place was that I lost my all-time-favorite-watch about two weeks ago. I waited and waited, thinking it would turn up, but nada. I went to eBay because I wanted to find the exact same watch (which they don't make anymore), and, that's how I got sucked into the eBay vortex! The bright side--I have absolutely LOVED going to the mailbox each day. Wow!

  7. That book resonated with me on so many levels that I pretty much cried the whole reading of it. Loved it.

    On another note, I don't know what level of horse person I am (certainly have love in my heart but not a lot of experience) BUT I definitely don't Dansko.

  8. Looks like you had a great time shopping; and wonderful news about all the great history you are getting with pics.

    Mark has a new-er version of his first book "Considering the Horse", coming out. He is adding sections to it telling how he might possibly deal with some of the problems today - after continuing to grow in his own horsemanship. He wants to show that everybody continues to grow and change, and hopefully find better ways to get the job done. It's a must for me, because I have seen changes in him in his clinics...really good changes! We should all strive to live our life in kinder ways, not just when with horses.

  9. What a fun shopping spree. Yes, I Dansko. I Dansko a lot. I primarily wear Danskos and Haflingers, but mostly Danskos. I'm wearing a pair now; the Professional in brown tooled leather. I get a lot of compliments on this pair and they look very western. I have about 6 pair of the Professional style in various colors and finishes. My wildest pair looks like red and black python. I've bought online and in retail stores. Each pair can fit slightly differently, so I prefer buying in a store so I can try them on. Ok, now I want to buy another pair. I don't have any in patent leather yet...


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