Monday, January 31, 2011

Yay, Buck!

And the winner is.... "

The Audience Award for U.S. Documentary Competition went to Buck, about actual horse whisperer Buck Brannaman, who was also celebrating his birthday that night. In his speech, Brannaman, wearing his ever-present white rancher’s hat, dedicated the award to “everyone who loves what they do. I take my hat off to you.”

It was picked up by IFC (Independent Film Channel) Anytime a horseman or horsewoman gets the story out to this many people, everyone who loves horses wins. So, a big Woohoo for Buck.

A picture from this morning:

From this picture, what temperature would you guess it is outside?

I'm glad we got these holes dug yesterday for the tying post. It will have one tall post and two smaller ones with rails in between so the horses can't swing themselves and wrap their ropes around.

Here's a video of Beautiful from last week. She was having fun in the mud. Since then, it has largely dried up, but it was bad last week! And, this is why I'm in the market for sand.


  1. I have seen a lot of videos folks have posted on their blogs, but this one gets my personal audience award best documentary. Two thumbs up. Go Beautiful Mudstang!


  2. Beautiful is just beautiful. Looks like she was having fun. I can't guess at your temperature, but I'll bet it's better than ours since I don't see any snow or ice! Glad you got the holes dug.

  3. Bill--you win documentor's choice for best comment! haha--Beautiful Mud-stang is perfect for her!

    GHM--You've got to tell me what your temps are to compare, but it's colder than you'd probably think! ...16 when I took that pic this morning! Brrrrr...

  4. I could just watch that video over and over again, she is awesome. I like how she plays with your dog, too. They look like great friends!

  5. Thanks, Joanne. That's actually our neighbor's dog. She's a Dobie. Beautiful has become very comfortable with her...even when she's jumping around behind her on the lead--good training for the trail. ;) They were really playing off each other in this video, though you can't always see Tory--you can see Beautiful running at her and kicking it up with her.

  6. True statement. We worry about mud, but to them, it means warmer temps and play time.

  7. Cold here too this morning but at least it's dry. that's a big improvement from what it's been.

    Sounds like Beautiful is a bit of a camera hound and likes to put on a good show for it. Always a good thing in a horse if you ask me.

  8. That's awesome - I can't wait to see the movie about Buck Brannaman. Such a humble man. And LOVE the video! What a graceful, pretty mover, even in that mud! What a MUSTANG! :)

  9. She sure was feeling good! And she really has grown into a beautiful horse.

  10. Yes, I'd say she likes the camera. I started this blog after adopting her, so she's gotten lots of camera time!


    Andrea--Thanks as well!


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