Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Slaughter Not An Option for Mustangs

"Bob Abbey, told the summit that slaughter was not an acceptable option."

From the Wall Street Journal...

"While U.S. slaughterhouses in the past processed primarily domesticated horses, the conference in Las Vegas will also discuss the thousands of mustangs the federal government removes from Western rangeland each year to keep herds in check.

The government has had difficulty finding adoptive homes for the wild horses. Last year, taxpayers spent $37 million to hold nearly 40,000 animals in corrals and pastures indefinitely, the Bureau of Land Management said. But the agency's director, Bob Abbey, told the summit that slaughter was not an acceptable option

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  1. I read your post below, what a sad, sad situation for those poor horses. It just seems that once slaughter is considered acceptable, it can become too much of an easy answer rather than taking a more difficult, but humane, route to solve a problem.

  2. Absolutely, Joanne. If they went the route of slaughter for the Mustangs, all the pressure would be towards it--mostly financial pressure--and there wouldn't be much else done, but it sounds like the BLM isn't going to consider it--which is a relief to me. I wish no horse in our country would ever have to face that kind of death, but unfortunately, they are facing it. From what I read, over 50,000 domestic horses are transported across our borders for slaughter every year. Generally, I think people believe they're all old and lame, but it's not true--many are young and healthy, but untrained--some are just young and healthy and who knows how they ended up at auction.

  3. I wish that I could choose how my tax dollars were spent. I'd definitely give it all to the mustangs. Maybe it's just me but the horse summit seems more anti equine then for them...


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