Thursday, January 13, 2011

A River of Stones

I thought it would be great fun to participate in what Annette, at Aspen Meadows (see blogroll on my sidebar) is doing--writing a small stone every day for the month of January or, if you're joining late, like me, for thirty-one consecutive days. You can either polish your stones, or not, but you're supposed to pay attention to your world--the smells, sights, feelings, thoughts, and add these details to your "stones".

Here is mine for today:

Small Stone #1

Snow slides from the barn’s roof
Cold water streams through gutters
And splashes beyond the downspout
The ground, still frozen,
Cannot absorb rivers of brown water

It puddles and ponds
Floods breezeway and stall
As we wait for more rain.

The horses, jowl deep in hay,
Are oblivious to the melting
Happy to be rid of cold nights
And eager for spring—
Though spring is a ways off
They nicker, to ask if it’s time for grain
We shovel and spread soft shavings of pine,
Like blankets laid over a bed
Taking comfort they’ll be dry
Taking comfort they’ll be warm
Taking comfort
they’ll be well-fed.


  1. Well done! I'm so glad you're doing this with me! It's fun to experiment with different formats too. I can't wait to read your next stone -- maybe about Texas or the grandkids or just rolling along...

  2. You paint a nice picture with your words. You must be having a January thaw right about now, with the melting going on. Don't be fooled by Nature's whims ... We got 2 feet of fresh snowfall this week!

  3. Wonderful! I can smell the warmth of the horses and the pine of the shavings!


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