Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's Picture Diary: December 2010

My hubby, aka soul-mate, putting the morning's round bale out for the horses. That barn that looks like it's falling down in the background is not ours, btw.

Outside hay bales. The horses are going through these fast now. We'll probably need more by February.

Riagan, our Irish Wolfhound. She's nine months and is about 31' at the withers. She ran away with Maggie this morning to the neighboring Dairy (old barn pic above) and when we drove out to find her I thought she was a horse running around at their place. Then I thought, Hey, they don't have horses!!! That's Riagan!!

Our Pygmy goats, English and Scotty, brother and sister. We bottle-fed English, but Scotty wouldn't take it.

The alfalfa piles--we'll probably need more of that, too.

Inside round bales--8 of them taking up half of our barn.

My boy, Cowboy. I've owned him for about 8 years and I've always called him My boy because it goes with Cowboy and, hey, he's my boy.

Cowgirl, peeking through the fence. All of our horses came named--Cowboy, Cowgirl, etc.--but it's funny that we have one of each. That's our girl, and that's our boy.


  1. Wow, when you see the hay bales and alfalfa piles, what an inventory of food! Was any of the hay from your own property/harvest? And the horses look like they've maybe put on their winter coats?

  2. I love to see hay piled high. Unfortunately, we didn't get any of ours cut. We did well just to return the pastures to grass. The previous owners had let them grow up, fall down, and choke out the alfalfa that had been planted there. When we bought it, we had to plow it all under and start again. We went with grass rather than alfalfa.

    Yep, they've put on their winter coats, and it has been really cold--they need them.

  3. You have beautiful animals! And a beautiful barn. I am jealous!


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