Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's Party

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
By the fire, it's so delightful
But since we've some place to go (or gaw)
Let it thaw, let it thaw, let it thaw!

If you have horses, you just may, just might, just possibly have horse friends. And, if you have horse friends, you just may, just might, just possibly have a party to go to. I have a party today--and the farrier--at basically the same time.

My morning is pretty dicey--

Here's my schedule:

7:00 Feed
8:30 Clean stalls, turn horses out
9:30 Pull horses out for farrier and clean their hooves
10:00 (or, 9:50) Farrier arrives
10:45 Jump in Shower
11:00 Party starts (I won't be there)
11:30 Leave for party, late
11:45 Buy a gift as quickly as I can at the shop next door because I've been negligent and didn't get my under $15.00 gift for the exchange.
12:00 Arrive at party an hour late and frazzled.
12:10 Relax--everyone else is late, too.

Have Fun!

Hope your day is as wonderful as mine will be at 12:10.


  1. Well it's 1:20 here, which means its 10:20 there and you're in the thick of horse hooves! Have a great post-12:10 day ... Cheers :)

  2. I'm back! Yep, it was fun. We went to the coffee house and had a fun gift exchange. It came together much easier than I thought!

  3. I'm glad it all came together and that you had a good time!


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