Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Horse Friends Are Like Gold

This is a simple time of year as we hunker down for the snow (which came early--Spokane had the snowiest November EVER last month) and prepare for the holidays.

During these months I get together with my horse friends a lot for coffee at Chaps--our favorite Cowboy themed coffee house. We had one of our get-together, chat-fests yesterday and we'll have our Christmas lunch together next week.

Horse friends are the best--you may have lots of different things going on in your lives--but you always have your horses in common. And, I love my friend's horses almost as much as I do my own. I love seeing pictures of them, hearing how they're doing and riding with them in Spring. (And hopefully, this Friday at the indoor arena)

I still get-together with my horse friends from my old hometown, which is only two hours away. We met last month for dinner and to hear the writer, Molly Gloss, read from her book, The Hearts of Horses. It was a fabulous evening. So much time can go by without seeing these women, but when I finally do, it's like reuniting with family.

Horse friendships run deep, and I thank God for my good horse friends.

One of my horse buddies has started to blog about her recent adoption of an Icelandic horse. You can read Flying Cowgirl's blog here. I can't wait to get out to her place and meet this new one. (Let's set a date, Flying Cowgirl!)

Since I haven't been riding (though, I hope to remedy this on Friday if I can get my trailer out of the snow) I have taken up snowshoeing. I absolutely LOVE the snow and I love to be out in it. I snowboard, but you have to drive an hour to get to the top of the hill and it's so expensive anymore. Snowshoeing is FREE and simple. I just have to drive down the road a few minutes and I'm in prime location--views, solitude, wildlife. Ahhhhh.....I'm so enjoying winter.

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  1. We've only had snow flurries so far, but are expecting snowfall late this weekend, and into Monday. We'll see ... I've always wanted to try snowshoeing. I'm a walker and it seems like my kind of winter activity. Maybe you'll post about it?


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