Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

At the Christmas party yesterday, I was surprised to see what creative gifts people came up with. I was happily reminded that not all presents have to be bought from a store; in fact, some of the most meaningful gifts are our time and talents loaned to a friend. It's good for us, it's good for them and it strengthens our friendships.

Inspired by yesterday's gift exchange, I'm going to make a list of a few items you might want to consider giving:

1. Photos: If you're handy at all with the camera, a coupon to take someone's picture with their horse is a popular item. One of the ladies at our party put two of these coupons in the gift exchange, and I was thrilled to receive one. I actually wanted it for my daughter who, since it's her senior year, wants a portrait with her horse, but I would have liked it for myself, too.

2. Leather tooling products: It seems our horse ladies have become handy at working with leather. One of the ladies made a leather sleeve for a flask and adhered it to the flask itself. This was actually the most popular item--which tells me we're a pretty fun crowd to ride with. Another of the ladies tooled a leather sleeve for coffee cups and a leather sleeve for a candle wrap!! All, very popular and beautiful, collectible work.

3. Horse mugs, frames, and plaques.

4. Horse treats--these are easy to make at home with a little applesauce.

5. Fancy cowgirl items--like a beaded tin sign that says Cowgirl.

6. Oh, a pink set of tools for the barn--including a pink hand-drill.

7. Tool/feed bag in pink (I had this item, but it was stolen from me during the exchange.

8. Coffee table horse/Mustang books.

9. A coupon to help a friend organize their barn...a new set of eyes is always nice.

10. Coupon to video tape a friend riding so they can see how they're doing.

11. A coupon to trailer a friend on a trailride in the Spring.

12. Hand painted ornaments like the ones from Gypsy mare studios--or something you make yourself. A hand-made ornament is special, no matter what. I ordered the Palomino ornament for my daughter. It's a tradition I have to give my kids an ornament every year.

13. If you can, give the gift of your homemade salsa or jam. There's NOTHING better than freezer jam in winter.

14. Homemade cookies, candy or breads. I gave my farrier a box of homemade chocolate covered cherries last year.

15. If you sew, make a horse-themed stocking or horse-themed carry-all.

16. Horse head nail file--Czech crystal--they last forever and can be washed. I own several and will never go back to emory boards. Ebay: $9.99

17. A card. I gave out this one this year, and the laughs alone were all my friends cared about. The inside said: "With hopes that Santa’s definition of naughty is lenient enough that you get some presents!" You can find these cards on ebay--and they'll throw in a free "What to never say to your Farrier" calendar.

"Dear Santa, Please definte naughty." sold on ebay

However, you bloggers out there, with all your wonderful photos--you could make your own cards with your own pictures--or make a set of notecards with your favorite photo and give them as a gift.

How about everyone else? Can you help with this list? What kinds of creative gifts have you given or been given?

--and don't forget our Q & A with TJ Holmes--any questions about PZP--Mustang contraception?


  1. As an Honorary Cowgirl here (I hope), I'm liking the sound of that leather coffee cup sleeve. And that glittery Cowgirl tin sign is pretty cute too :) Looks like a fun shindig you had going on, good times!

  2. Yes, Joanne, you're definitely an honorary cowgirl! I thought you'd like that leather sleeve for the coffee-cup! And it was fun. I'm not exaggerating when I say that horse women are easy to get along with. I hang around with some pretty laid back ones--they respect each other's boundaries. Having horses in common just bonds us.


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