Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trail Photos: A Blessed Life

Cowboy and me up by 9 mile.

This has been a blog without photos for a while, and I didn't even realize it. I'm going to remedy that today by posting as many of my trail photos as I can fit on one page! I realized, looking through these, that I often wore the same shirt on my rides, so the only way you can tell it's a different day is by a different hat. I guess I have far more variety in hats than anything else. Generally, I'm a baseball cap person, but on the really hot days I'd break out my Cowboy hat.

These first pictures are from our ride yesterday. It was great. We explored some trails along the North Spokane River up to 9 Mile.

I'm usually the one taking the pictures, so I thought I'd sneak myself in here. Actually, some of my friends take pictures, too, but we'll trade photos at a later date--probably after riding season. Every minute free we have now, we'd rather be on horseback.

Through stands of trees.

My daughter and a friend further South on the Spokane river. My friend is riding our horse, Shadow, and my daughter is riding her horse, Cowgirl (she has raised since a weanling).

Looking down over Riverside State Park.

Donna on her half Mustang horse. That horse loves the water and so far, every time we've rode, has given Donna a splash bath.

Looking over the City of Spokane.

Above the rapids.

One of the lookouts above the river.

Taking photos of friends taking photos--Cowboy and me trying to pose.

Above the rapids.

More of the river.

Cowboy and me on the ridge above the souther river bend.

On a hot day at Palisades.

Now you see why I'd rather be on a horseback and why I feel I live a blessed life. A life with horses is priceless, and these pictures don't even begin to tell the story of how it feels to be out there with good human friends and our soul-horses.


  1. Love the pics, great views.

  2. Love the pictures - I'm so jealous of you out on a lovely ride on a beautiful day!

  3. Thanks--

    and Kate, this will be YOUR life next year when you find that perfect--soul--trailhorse you're looking for!

  4. You live in a gorgeous area, custom made for your lifestyle. Yes, your ship has definitely come in.

  5. Beautiful is going to love going out on all those trails. What great training grounds. I lived in Spokane for a year as a child and loved the old farmhouse and fruit trees we had. Maybe someday we can haul our Mustangs that direction for riding.

  6. Thanks, Joanne. ;)

    Juanita--I didn't know you had lived here. That would be great if you came over to ride someday. Hopefully once Beautiful gets going. If all goes well, she should be starting on those trails next year. And there is a great variety--plus an outdoor arena at the park--to introduce her to all the trail things she'll need to learn--water, bridges, wildlife, bikers, hikers, rocks, sand, other riders, and everything else you can think of.

  7. Wow, what beautiful country you have to ride in and it looks like you have a great group of friends to ride with as well. Very cool


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