Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scary Carrots!

It all started with my plan to spoil my boy this week. Remember last week and the Mt. Spokane ride? My boy was getting trail sour. I wanted to shock him by going to the pasture with treats.

First, he sees me coming. His ears perk up from his bale. Oh no, I just might have to make a run for it, he thinks.

Next, his ear cocks to one side where Red stands. What do you think Red? She doesn't have a halter? But she has something else in her hands. Should I go?

Getting the okay from Red to stand his ground, he looks at me and my bag with interest as he continues to chomp on his mouth full of hay.

He finishes his bite and sniffs the carrot like he's never had one before. They smell like carrots, but they're so short, he thinks.

He takes it and munches for a while. Yum, he thinks.

But because he took so long, he now has guests...other horses who know he must be getting a special treat and, since he's the Omega,....well, let's just say, he has to move aside. The carrot giver starts to retreat to the fence for safety.

C'ya doesn't need to be told what a carrot is. Smart girl.

Cowgirl's a little hesitant.

So is Shadow.

But none are as frightened as Beautiful who has yet to EVER eat a carrot!! Not one!!

What is this orange thing in your hand? First, I will look at it.

Then, I will smell it.

Then I will listen to it.

Then I will eat it. Oh my! It tickles, and is causing me to make the most goofy face!

But I think I like it...though it's making me drool.

Maybe I'll eat the leftovers.

More goofy face. I think I'm done with carrots for today.


  1. Very funny - love the expressions!

  2. I'm loving the Carrot Series. Animals are so funny when it comes to getting treats. I must say that as I scrolled down following, seeing all the horses, when I got to Beautiful, well she is truly a strikingly beautiful horse. There's something about her, almost a gentleness, yet wisdom, that is so engaging.

  3. I think you're right--Beautiful has an elegance to her that the others don't have--probably the spanish horse connection from the Beaty's Butte herd. Her eyes are very pretty with the dark liner--and she's arching her neck at the whole carrot experience. She's always fun for me to watch around here. She has a lot of personality, and when she gets to running and prancing, she's a real sight to behold. The others are all solid Quarter Horse/Paint stock--so it's a different look. And I always seem to gravitate toward the steady eddy's--they don't have a lot of ups or downs--but they're very predictable on the trail and around the barn.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful horses!!! So funny when they don't know what to do with a carrot:)

  5. Oh I think that's funny, Beautiful inspecting the carrot! You did a good job at getting all her expressions and thoughts! Linda, you should write children's books. Think about it. :-) Maybe about Beautiful?


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