Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mustang Pumpkin


Thanks to Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor for her great advice and inspiration on pumpkin carving. She is the Pumpkin Carver Supreme!

When I read her blog about her passion for pumpkins, I had this great idea to make a Mustang Pumpkin. How fun was that?!? Fun!

I started with a pumpkin from the grocery store.

Then I found a favorite picture of Beautiful Girl. (While looking, I found some great oldies I'll share this weekend.) I blew it up and copied it and taped it to my pumpkin.

As advised in the article, I punched out holes around my picture.

Carved it out and scooped (with icecream scooper) the insides...cut a hole in back...placed candles inside.

Happy Pumpkin Carving! Thanks, Jennifer!!


  1. What a "beautiful" pumpkin! Have a Happy Halloween :)

  2. Bummer. I read your blog and thought "Hey, I can comment on what a "Beautiful pumpkin" it is."

    But when I got to the comments, it was already there. Guess I'd need to get up pretty early in the morning to beat Joanne...

  3. Big laugh from both you--thanks! Yep, Bill, Joanne lives on the East coast--she's hard to beat to the draw!

  4. That is an awesome idea! It would be a fun idea for the girls to do at the barn, thanks for sharing!

  5. You're welcome, McKenzie--hope you have fun doing it! I didn't put this in my blog post, but Jennifer's suggestions were to punch out the design before scooping the inside of the pumpkin--which I'd never done before--but it worked out better (more stability). She also suggested using a linoleum knife for the actual carving out of the design. Besides the words "Beautiful Mustang", it was super easy. If I had to do over again, I would leave out the words and carve a pine tree and half moon! Maybe I need to start another?

  6. Oh my, you did a FABULOUS job!!! I love it!

  7. Very cool pumpkin! I have to try that!


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