Sunday, September 5, 2010

To The Barn!

I love going to my barn--as you can see, our dogs do, too. They know that in the mornings, when we put on our boots, we're going to feed the horses, and they can't wait to get out there.

We have new barn kitties. I really, really miss #42 and Ezzy, and so far, I've refused to name these new barn sisters. I adopted four--one died--and I gave the healthiest one to my brother and his family since they wanted to make her an inside pet. I couldn't keep her from a better life--the barn life is dangerous.

One of the little sisters has a lazy eye; she's the furriest one. They're both beautiful and sweet. And though I've refused to name them, I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm attached to them anyway. Darn it!!

I think I got attached when Beautiful stepped on the fluffy one with the lazy eye. It bonded me to her. And then I started thinking when Riagan, our Irish Wolfhound, is just a little bit older--the coyotes won't have a chance around here. Maybe these two sisters will survive afterall. Riagan sure loves them. I pity the coyote that intrudes in their barn house someday.

Another good thing about these kitties is that they stay IN the barn. I highly doubt a coyote would venture through the stall runs to enter the barn. The only time we've ever seen them in there is when we leave the breezeway doors open. I don't do that anymore. I always close up the barn when I leave.

So, names? I don't know. I've been calling them "Kitty Sisters".

Here's short-haired kitty sister climbing up my leg. It hurt, so that's the last picture I took, but I'll tell you, she got pretty high.

Maggie and Riagan vying for horse hooves. The shaved off hoof makes a wonderful chew for dogs. They learn to love the farrier.

Ahhh...back at the house...the newly completed (last evening) Puppy Playpen! My husband added a back rail and gate to the deck to keep in the puppy. Now she has a safe place to play.

And MJ, the house cat, has a safe place from coyotes.

Next year's project around here is to pour concrete for a wash area and tack room and extend the deck around the house and into the yard---and extend the roof line to cover it so we can sit out while it rains and look at our horses.


  1. Lucky kitties to have an Irish Wolfhound for protection!

  2. That's great stuff! When are you guys going to come fix my place up too??? lol I love the giant dogs best of all so I've enjoyed reading bits about yours. I always gather up the hoof trimmings for our dogs too =)

    ~~ JennyB, Horsefeathers

  3. My dogs love to go out and feed too. It is their most absolute favorite thing to do!
    Your new barn kitty's are adorable, love them!! It is too hard to not become attached. I love how your dogs love the kitty's!
    Your deck looks great! I would love to add on to our deck someday, it is kinda small. So many things to do!

  4. so sorry to hear about the other kitties...glad you shut the barn up now. kitties are precious little things! yours are so pretty and sweet. glad you have your IW. i knew great pyrs kill coyotes,but thought they were the only ones... saw one on our hill this summer which shocked me. i always put my barn cats in at night. owls can get them your deck so very nice!

  5. Thanks for all the compliments on puppies and kitties. JennyB--we'll fix your place when we're finally done with ours. ;) What's that, honey, we'll never be done with ours? haha.

    Kritter Keeper, we used to lock our barn cats in at night, too, but I lost 42, Ezzy and Girl Kitty all in the day this last Spring. I think there was one particular coyote who did it because it happened the same way for all of my neighbors. He started hunting at dawn and would pretty much sneak in and out of our properties all day long--hiding along the fence line--behind the horse trailer, etc. He or she killed almost all of the house and barn cat population around here, and up about a mile, and chickens. What do you do with a coyote like that? My brother lured it in one evening at about 6 with a wounded rabbit call, and he/she was fearless---came running as fast as it could way up along the ridge, then to our fenceline and up to our barn through the pasture we can't see from the house. It's a wiley coyote!!


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