Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer 2010

More Fencing--the corral outside the barn. Goodbye T-Posts! Training Cia #1: (Shiloh)

Here's Shiloh with Cia--she's our four year old filly we have raised from a two year old and started to ride lightly a couple summers ago. She's still very green, and we need to get serious about finishing her up and riding her consistently now and through the winter.

All of our horses have the most amazing, sweet personalities--they really don't give us any issues to speak of. I feel like all we have to do is spend time with them and it goes pretty smoothe--maybe this is the key with all horses? Just learning to communicate with each other?

Here's a photo from our ride this morning. Shiloh's on her filly, Cowgirl. She found her on Dreamhorse as a weanling and has raised and trained her. She's an AMAZING horse. She never gives Shiloh a bit of trouble--just point her and go--arenas or out on the trail--long breaks in between or no breaks--she does what she's supposed to. Everyone should have a horse like her. Do you think it's because Shiloh raised her from a baby? I do. Today she was a little sore on her back hip, but I think she pulled something during last night's wind and fire storms. It seemed to get better as we rode. (Update: she's better now.)

Lots of Rides!!
Here's my boy, Cowboy.

Riding Cia #2--we take over and Mike rides her for the first time.

Here's my hubby riding Cia. I'm trying to get as many people on her as possible so she can be our next grandkids horse when she's ready.

Trailer Loading Practice

Here's Beautiful doing her trailer loading training with me about a month ago. She wasn't too sure about getting in there. She needs some more work to get comfortable with it. Where did the summer go? The kids are going back to school next week--my favorite season is around the corner. This is the best time to ride, too--especially when you don't have to take kids back and forth to sports practices!! But it's also sad--I'll lose a riding partner in Shiloh--at least for the weekday rides. (Update: I've been working on this post for a week, and now the kids ARE in school. Fall rides!! Yay!!)

Fly predators work great!

There are little to no flies in the barn.

Update On Cowboy's Coffin Bone Fracture

The farrier was out yesterday for Cowboy and he noticed that the injured hoof is starting to contract on the inside. That shows he's compensating for pain and putting his weight in the center--but he told me not to worry. It's to be expected that there is some arthritis in there, but as long as he's sound...take it day by day.

Beautiful Steps on the Barn Kitten!

Poor Beautiful, lover of kitties, made the unfortunate mistake of stepping on one the other day. It was so odd. She's always a bit uptight leaving her stall and walking to turnout. Like most young ones, she has pent up energy. So, she stepped out without really looking and landed square on top of the kittens stomach. I heard a horrible scream and Beautiful jumped back about three feet. The kitten ran away, I thought, to die. I proceeded to put Beautiful out in the run and she just lost it--running from end to end of the turnout--spinning--running back toward the gate. I think she was bothered by stepping on the kitten because she gets really close to them. Later, when we realized the kitten would survive and was (crazily enough!!) fine, I took the kitten out to see Beautiful, but she jumped from my arms and ran back to the barn--so more harm than good was done, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Hope you're all having a great summer with your horses.


  1. Maybe it's the perspective but Beautiful looks really big in that picture! How tall is she?

    I'm looking forward to all the fall riding too! Any chance you could come to the Mustang Club ride at Heyburn State Park (near Plummer, ID) on the 11th?

  2. The place looks great Linda, I am anxious now and would like to be able to buy our own place in a couple years and have the pens I want. Not that this place doesn't work but just to be able to do what I want. It is a good thing my horses are so good about fences cause all we have is two strands of hot wire.

  3. Well, I measured her at 60 inches to the withers, but I highly doubt she's fifteen hands. I'll try again on more level ground. I do think she's grown some this summer--so if she fills out--I could have a riding horse. Also, she hasn't gone backwards this summer either. She seems to have learned her lessons to go forward or stand her ground. And, she hasn't gone "up" since last Spring. I do hope she's learned "up" is BAD. Her mama hates "up".

    I'm not sure about the 11th--there's a lot going on that weekend with the kids and football and senior pics with Shiloh's horse.

  4. Great update! I agree, your place looks very nice. The horses are just gorgeous, I hope Cowboy continues to get over his injury, and I don't know whether to feel worse for the barn kitten or Beautiful! I'm glad the kitten is ok but it sounds like it was so scary for poor Beautiful. I hope she gets over it ok!

    ~~ JennyB, Horsefeathers

  5. Thanks--I think they were equally traumatized! It's funny because I had just been telling my brother that the horses are really good about knowing where to put their feet. The kittens are always running around them and following us out in the arena. My brother didn't believe me--guess he was right!!


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