Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Baby's Home

What a sweetheart! She came off the plane and immediately started licking us. She LOVES people and has no idea of her size! She wants to be in your lap.

She's tired now, and sleeping at my feet. So much has happened to her--so many changes--this will be a day to get used to her new home. As much as she loves us, she misses her old home and has cried for it now and then through the night and this morning. She'll cry for a few seconds, then settle back down. So, I think she starts to forget, then remembers, then forgets, then remembers, and just basically misses her old family.

It's very obvious to us that her early life was EXCELLENT--it shows in her attitude about people and her confidence. Her old mommy did a wonderful job and we get the benefit of it. She's a real gift and I already can't imagine life without her!!

Oh, and Maggie LOVES her!!


  1. Wow, she's a beauty! I have a few things to say here:

    1. She is a whole latte cute dog, so maybe you should name her "Latte," after one of your fave blogs ;)

    2. I believe I own your sandals. Are those Clark's?

    3. And most importantly, best, best wishes for an amazing recital tonight!! You will bring the house down!! Break a leg, and tell us all about it tomorrow!

  2. Hi Joanne--as to 1--she would have definitely fit the name Latte--and it IS a fave blog for me--but we went all Irishy and named her Riagan! 2. Yes, those are Clarks!! 3. Thank you. I will definitely give an update afterward. I think having Riagan here takes some of the focus off of it--which is a good thing. I'll just want to finish and get back home to her.

  3. Dad and I had such a great afternoon with Riagan, you, and Mike. Wow, who could ask for any better dog? She is sooo smart, sooo loving, and I could see that she has accepted you as her new mama already! It was hard pulling myself away from her and thought about her all the way back home. I can't wait to watch her grow until she is able to go along with you on trail rides. I can just imagine what a beautiful sight that will be...Riagan running along side you and your horse!! Wow!!

  4. She is beautiful! I'm glad Maggie is getting along with her. That's one of the nice things about getting a puppy when you have other dogs, they seem to accept them easier. What does Riagan think of the horses? :)


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