Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's Blooming Wednesday: April 21, 2010 Spokane

We're in bloom in Spokane, Wa!

The Flowering Plum Tree:

Elsa's Rock:

Daffodils (Tulips are trying their best!):


Climbing Hydrangea:

Swingset almost completed!




  1. Hm, what do you have in the sunshine there in Spokane? Cute how it gets a swingset to bloom right alongside the flowers ;)

  2. Wow! You guys are about 2 weeks behind Wisconsin! Usually, that area is ahead of WI!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Your yard must be going crazy with bulbs, if I remember correctly, didn't you plant over a hundred? I think I need a climbing hydrangea.

  4. I planted about 200 bulbs, all and all, but it seems some aren't coming up. I'm thinking the voles got to them. Although, maybe they're just late bloomers?

  5. Did your Japanese maple make it through the winter? I saw a lovely one at Lowes but it's just too cold where we are at for them to survive.

  6. Hi Arlene-Yes, it did make it through, but we had an extremely mild winter this year, too. Maybe it will give it time to establish itself for next year. What I did lose this year surprised me--like my forsythia with I replaced already. They're usually quite hearty. Looks like all the trees made it. :)

  7. I'm glad your Japanese Maple made it. Strange about your forsythia not making it. I have a real funny looking one that survives no matter what, yet all my Japanese Maple attempts have failed.


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