Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Photos

Wildflowers on the way to the barn:

Spring Thyme:

Worms on the Road:

Rock Planter--the 3 year project is finally coming to an end!

Road to Barn:

Rock seats and benches:

Spring Planting & Rain

Pasture management is always my most important concern in Spring. This year, we had a delimma: to plant more seed or not. We planted last year and kept the horses entirely off of it, giving the roots time to establish themselves. It seemed to work well, but there were very large bare spots this year where the seed hadn't taken at all. And this is where the big question mark comes into play, do we seed those areas and put off spraying, or do we spray those areas and put off seeding? You can't do both at the same time.

I opted for seeding and taking advantage of the upcoming rain. My husband probably would have opted for spraying.

I based my decision on observation. The areas where the grass had really taken off, the grass seems to be competing well with weed. The weeds that are there, which is mostly crab grass, are still very small and in their first stages of growth. However, in the large, bare areas, the weed is emerging and there is no grass to compete. My hope is that with the warm temps and constant rain, the grass I've planted will get a good start and we should be able to spray next month. Is this too optimistic? Or, we could spot spray. (In the areas where the grass was doing well, I didn't seed--these areas are ready for spray). Hmmmm...yes, spot-spray seems to be the answer.

And the other answer--rain is my friend--let it rain!

New Computer

There was a time I looked forward to new computers because there was always some GREAT thing newly invented that my old computer didn't have. Those days, however, are largely over. It seems, now, a computer is a computer--so why upgrade? I have the answer: because the old computers die.

A very sad day when the old computer dies--it means transferring over files and programs and putting out lots of $$$ you'd rather spend on horses.

I bought the Gateway NV79: 17.3" monitor (an upgrade from my old one), built in webcam (also not on my old one), 500 gig Hard Drive, 4 gigs of Ram, Windows 7 (always a new windows out there!), and the Intel i3 processor. Gateway was one of my first computers in the old days, around 1994 (I'd owned Apples before that). Gateway used to have a good reputation, but it really went downhill about ten years ago. They seem to be trying hard to regain ground.

So far I really like it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the Windows Easy Transfer because the Service Packs wouldn't install in my computer. If I had been able to do that, it would have easily moved all my old files and programs over via a double-sided USB cord or network connection. Instead, I bought a 16 gig removeable storage device and transferred everything manually.

I like the computer. The graphics are good, it's fast, Windows 7 seems to offer more intuitive, helpful commands via mouse, the mail program works nicely, I have so much room to store media files with the 500 gigs, and it doesn't get hot at all in my lap.

The con, as always, is the internal speakers--pretty weak if you're listening to audio, but I've come to expect that in laptops.

Viva la Gateway NV79!


Beautiful's doing great. We continue to work on leading, being calm and not-overreacting on the lead, staying in her space, communication, and bending. The balking she was doing was creating a problem, so I decided to get proactive. Whenever we approached the "stop areas", I clucked loudly as we came to them to get her mind off thinking of them. It worked. Some things are just too simple--why does it take so long to figure them out?

Well, enjoy the Spring rains--and happy trails as you plant your gardens, mow your grass and ride your horses!


  1. I am so jealous; I see grass and rainy spots in your pictures. We were listed as 'possible scattered showers'. Looked out the window to see blowing snow! I WANT spring!

  2. Love your rocks - I would die for some like that!

  3. Love the arena - that would be so much fun to have right there. That is what I need for Kylie - really trying to get her riding - took her to Sam's barn and she rode one of their horses for 3 hours.


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