Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Horses and the Farrier

Well, today was every bit as wild as I hoped it wouldn't be...until the farrier arrived. After they saw him, they seemed to sigh with relief--so that's why we've been tied up for two hours! You're not actually going to let the Spring boogie man eat us.

It was windy and cold--it felt like the barn was going to blow down. I had the horses tied up for grooming before the farrier arrived. He called and said he'd be thirty minutes to an hour late--so we got some tying practice.

Tying practice can be scary. (Remember our conversation, Laura?) But I do try to give Beautiful the experience of being tied hard.

So, here she was...

As you can see, she's a big baby putting everything in her mouth. Then, and not pictured because I was standing ready to untie her if things went South, she pulled back hard and got into a tug-of-war with one of the main supporting barn posts. She lost. I should say, she surrendered and came back to stand nicely. Whew.

My farrier said that my horses grew more hoof than any of his other customers. He couldn't believe it.

Now they're all out on pasture again--getting fatter.

There are going to be some changes around here soon. Some people are going to lease the land next door for their horse operation. Apparently, they have eighteen horses and one is a stallion. I really hope to meet them before move-in day so that I can know what to expect and how to handle it on my side of the fence. So far, I'm getting all of my information second hand--the worst way to learn anything.


  1. Linda, is it my imagination, or do some of your horses, how shall I say this, need a little Jenny Craig? Wow, they love grazing in the pasture, don't they? They're very intent on their task!

  2. It was windy today from CA to PA and everywhere in between. I hate the tying lessons, when they pull back so hard you think something's going to break, that's so stressful! Love the dappled palomino!

  3. Your horses certainly are sleek!

  4. The horses look great. Have they lost all their fuzzies yet?

  5. Joanne--HA HA!! These pictures do seem to make them look like especially fat dwarfs!! Funny!! Shadow, the white gelding, is nineteen this year, and has always had a weight issue--this year he actually looks about right. (Remember, he's the one who makes the pig noises.)

    Jennifer--you're right about the stress tying can bring. I've seen a few train wrecks, too, which doesn't help.

    Kara and MIP--Thank you--they are pretty sleek, but they're not totally shed off. Cowgirl is a chocolate palomino--and she'll get darker and darker as the winter fur sheds. The rest are close. Beautiful still has the light coat--she has a roaned out buckskin/dun beneath--I'm starting to see bits and pieces of her color.

  6. I forgot to say, the horses all had their eyes closed like that as they grazed--like they were HEA--VEN!

  7. Tying makes me so nervous, especially with babies! I am tying Chance solid now too, and she will go backwards, but the instance she feels the pressure she goes forward immediately. She has yet to rear back and pull like my Arab Brandy. Hopefully she never will! It is just to scary!
    Very happy horses you have there! Which reminds me, I need to turn mine out to graze this week!

  8. Beautiful looks such a child playing with the rope. So cute. I get pretty nervous when they start pulling back. I worry they will hurt their necks. But I worry too much. :)


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