Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Spring: My Horses Seem to be Crazy

The horses, at the edge of green grass.

Please tell me everyone else's horses are acting up, too. Is it the Spring grass? Is it the mare's cycles? Ahhhhh.....!!!

Part of it is my fault, I guess. I did leave the stall door open. Oh, and it opens up into the entire pasture. Thus, all my horses were free in my barn breezeway.

Yeah, that wasn't pretty.

I can see the barn out my kitchen window, and I thought it odd so many horses heads were running INSIDE the barn. Hmmmm...is one free? Two? Three? By the time I got there, there were only three free--running and kicking at each other--vying for the grain. The two oldest were smart enough to steer clear. You could see which ones had the lowest IQ--and my horse, Cowboy, seemed to have the LOWEST.

They've been on pasture, but I kept them off today because it was raining and I don't want them to tear it up. Not good. They have grass fever and didn't want to touch their dry stuff.

To top it all off, the farrier comes tomorrow. I so wish he wouldn't. Please postpone until they get their brains back!!


  1. Ah, Linda, it's just spring fever. We all have it! We spent 3 hrs today hiking around the mountain terrain, looking for our guys. Usually, they see us from the far distance and come running. Today, we didn't even see fresh sign. We made the trip on into town, and on our way home, there they were, less than 3/4 mile from the road. We hiked in and spent some time with them, but they were plenty rowdy. They look sooo sleek and pretty! We get to bring them home in another couple of weeks-if the snow ever stops. UGH!

  2. Mine have been plenty crazy recently too, so it's not just yours!

  3. A little bit of equine spring fever has struck WA!

  4. Mine were extremely squirrely after I turned them loose on spring pasture. Now that they've been on it 24/7 for a couple weeks, it's nothing new really, so they've calmed down. But, they don't trust that I'm not going to lock them out of the green pasture, so when ever I lure them down the the "old" pasture, they come, but as soon as they are done with me, they hightail it back out...and I mean hightail it!


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