Monday, March 15, 2010

Time for Trails

What a beautiful week, in the 50's and sunny--it's been harder to get to the blog, but great for getting out on the horses.

I've ridden Cowboy off and on all winter in the arena and around home, so, as you can imagine, he was relieved to hit the trails. It's amazing how much more willing he is now since our lessons.

He used to hate water crossings--even large puddles--but this year we saddled up and rode right through them, none of the usual spring nervousness. He seemed to actually want to go through the water this week. Maybe it's just his age--he'll turn thirteen soon--or maybe it's the work I've done on my seat and being more of a forward rider.

I have my hands full around here with seven horses. They're demanding. Speaking of which, Red looked his best today since the colic. It was the first morning he came to the fence line to beg breakfast. (A morning ritual for my herd.) They come to the fence line and stare me down through the windows. If I'm fifteen minutes late they start to get quite angry, and I start to get quite guilty. It's hard to drink coffee and read the paper when, from the corner of my eye, I see them about ready to mutiny. Nothing says get your lazy butt out of the chair and get your boots on like a bunch of hungry horses.

Red's abrasion grew much worse this week. Quite disgusting, as a matter of fact. My husband, who is a people doc and, as such, always skeptical about how bad anyone's hurt (he's pretty sure he has x-ray vision)--was also a little surprised to see the depth of the wound. I'm cleaning it out and dressing it once a day now, and it is starting to look much better. I assume he hurt it during the colic episode, but I'm not sure how it went from what it was then (small) to what is now (large) except that maybe some of the skin that was originally torn off adhered, which made it look smaller. On the other hand, it was one of those proud flesh wounds originally--the kind that open up a lot and the flies attack--never quite heal properly--so who knows what was under that skin. I did peel away all dead skin a few days ago, which is probably why it looks better now.

Beautiful has been getting a lot of leading practice. I turn her out in the arena every day for a few hours. In fact, she's out there now and it's dark, so I need to take her back to the barn. She's doing great. I've been walking her around a lot. She likes to balk here and there, but I keep the pressure on until she gives, which she always does, and she moves forward. I think that her balking shows a lack of trust in me--something that I hope will be remedied with more time together in spring and summer. She's a fearful horse--she has been since I adopted her--so the relationship we build is that much more important.

Well, off to get her!

Happy trails!


  1. That is great that Red is doing so well.
    Now that it is staying lighter longer, I will be able to get some riding in after work, as long as it stays as nice and sunny as it has been! No rain please!!

  2. Linda, if you ever get a chance, I would love to see a photograph of those horses at the fence line staring you down! They sure know how to communicate ;)


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