Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Manure Day!

I'm posting earlier than I thought to celebrate--MANURE.

Yes, I usually dread manure, and have cursed it wheelbarrow full after wet and heavy wheelbarrow full and wished horses didn't have to produce it, but go without it for a few days and a whole different appreciation emerges. I've even been taking pictures of it.

Last night, five wonderful piles.

I'm still grazing Red on fresh grass for twenty minutes at a time and keeping him off dry food until the Vet approves the change, but he looks much better.

I've learned so much about the way horses graze the last few days of watching Red. The way their lips move in circles, swishing the grass into a uniform pattern into their mouths so that their teeth can cut it off. Pretty cool.

I've also got to inspect every inch of our pastures--the good and the bad. It's given me some ideas of where to throw seed, rake, spray and where I need to irrigate more.

And the big idea in my mind--where to put the outdoor arena. I want to get going on it, ASAP. But I have a question--do you think it would be better to invest in portable panels or go with permanent arena fencing? I think portable is probably 1/3 to 1/2 more than wood. Do you think it's worth it?


  1. GO RED! That's wonderful news!
    Portable panels are very flexible and can be used in a myriad of different ways and configurations, but they tend to look a little... inexact after a while. I use 'em anyway.

  2. Wonderful news about Red - I'm a poop-watcher too - we've had some colics at our barn and my mare Maisie has had two impactions - I watch her extra carefully and also give her plain (uniodized) table salt in her feed to encourage drinking.

    Don't know about the arena - I would suspect permanent might be better, as then you could establish good footing in one area.

  3. I vote for permanent. Then you can also add boards along the bottom to keep your footing in. Aesthetically, I think it looks better too. Just spend some time really planning out how you want it & doing some research since it is going to be with you for awhile! Really think about where you want gates, what type of material you will use, etc. So glad your horse is doing better!

  4. Well, given the circumstances, I'll join you in your celebration of manure ;) Raising my coffee cup in a toast to Red!

  5. Yay! I've been checking all morning for an update. I'm very glad to hear the good news!

  6. Great news Linda, that is so scarey. I would say permanent. You can build a better base for footing.

  7. glad red is doing better! permanent fencing is esthetically pleasing, safer, and the bottom rail can hold the footing in. i only used rail road ties to hold mine in but hopefully one day soon i will have an indoor.

  8. Yay for Red! I am so glad he is doing better.

  9. So happy that Red is doing better! Yippee! I love watching my horse graze. I think I did a post about it once. It totally relaxes me, it almost puts me in a trance, LOL!

  10. Great news about Red!!
    I don't have a preference either way on arena fencing (look wise, I like wood fencing, but didn't have the money for that.) I use panels, and it actually has worked out fine. I actually am really glad I have panels, because I just took apart my arena panels and made a 60' round pen. Then when I am done with the round pen, I will put them back. Hopefully someday I can put up a permanent round pen. But for now it's temporary.


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