Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday--A Day to Play

Here are some Friday pictures, just for fun. I'm finding that lately each day out at the barn is more and more about fun. What training?

I have simple goals, and once they're met, we're done. For Beautiful, this week, it has been about moving out of my space in front and hind--taking a few steps away, crossing over nicely, and knowing when to stop and stand.

It's all about communication. We certainly had our moments, earlier in the week, when communication broke down.

Today though, it all came together. She understood. If she got confused, she shook her head rather than going up--a big improvement. I responded by showing her. She wanted to do it.

Rather quickly she'd earned her release.

We spent the rest of the morning being together.

She was quite playful and happy, and chased the cats out of the arena several times.

42 learned her lesson and watched cautiously from outside the fence.

Ezzy, however, came back dead-center, for more.

She got more.

She is fun to watch--half baby still and full of play, but then, she can become serious and elegant at moments, too.

A good back itch.

Feeling feisty.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! These types of pictures capturing innocent moments of Beautiful's life are the best. And I love Ezzy's daring-do! You had a great day, ditto for the weekend :)

  2. She's very beautiful, and nice that you got to hang around and enjoy her. She seems like a smart one and a quick learner.

  3. Beautiful is so pretty!! Loved all the pictures. What a gorgeous day you had!

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  5. It is so nice to hear about the Mustangs that are rescued...
    I wanted to share this great place with you. It is about 15 minutes from my home and I visit often. I went there today with a friend and saw 3 sweet foals and another Mare ready to foal. I will have to return in a few days to see how she did.

  6. Judy, I visited the site--Do you think you might be interested in a Mustang?

    Also, you have a piece of jewelry that I'm eying--maybe for my birthday if it's still there in a couple of weeks. I love that "All That Glitters Is Gold" necklace. Beautiful!


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